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Tales from the Crypto, The ‘Big’ Burger & More – The Week in Review


Tales from the Crypto - The Week in Review - Kenneth HollandLet me just give you a quick list of what we’ll cover today…because it’s a doozy…

– Amazon, Uber and the Antichrist

– Train Crashes

– Juicy Ribs

– Crypto Disasters

– Tubes Where They Don’t Belong

– Big Freaking Cheeseburgers

Sounds like the next Vin Diesel movie…or a Dodge commercial. Same thing, right?

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Attack of The Big Ass Burger (plus Crypto talk) [Dot Com Vlog 3]


Big Ass Burger -Kenneth HollandAfter weeks of trying, I finally did it…I took on the ‘Big Ass Burger’ from The Roaring Fork Restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ.

I also cover the topics of the past week and talk about the big Crypto crash.

Check out the video and make sure to leave a comment…

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You’re going to stick that little tube where…???


You’re going to stick that little tube where…??? Kenneth Holland“Well…what we’ll do is book you to come back for a Cystoscopy and check out your bladder first and make sure everything is in order.”

My doctor gave me a deadpan look and then started scribbling stuff on his ‘pad’ (which I’m POSITIVE he couldn’t read either).

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The Cryptocurrency Crash: What We Can Learn Going Forward…


cryptocurrency crash - Kenneth HollandThis past month has seen quite the bloodbath in the cryptocurrency markets.

All the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum really took it on the chin as investors sold off in droves.

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Going to California with a Wing (and a Rib) My Mouth [Dot Com Vlog 2]


going to california, Dot Com Vlog - Kenneth HollandToday’s Dot Com Vlog #2 brought me to my home state of California for some business (some good ranting), fun and of course…wings, ribs and more ribs.

And of course, I also cover the past weeks’ dot com commentary and trainings.

Check it out…

Going to California with a Wing (and a Rib) My Mouth [Dot Com Vlog 2]

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How Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are Out to Destroy You…


amazon uber airbnb - Kenneth HollandOn Thursday we learned that Sam’s Club was (IS) closing 63 stores and laying off 11,000 workers.

This is to make way for their expanding ecommerce operations. Translation: This is a cost-cutting move to not only save money but to be more efficient and competitive with the likes of Amazon.Continue reading

Profiting from ‘Scams’, Facebook’s Curveball & Vlog Dreams – The Week in Review


facebook curveball - kenneth hollandLet’s make this clear: I was not born to be a video editor…or at least understand how to make one work. But alas, I did manage to get my first Vlog online this past week (you did sub to my Youtube channel, right??). But not without countless technical gremlins (has there ever been a nice gremlin??).

Now you may be asking “why are you Vlogging now…aren’t you a boring-ass (and extremely successful) internet marketer who just talks about SEO and VSL’s??” Well…yeah (on the successful part). But my master plan of world domination includes Vlogging…and this week it also includes some commentary on Sam’s Club (scary stuff), profiting from your ‘no’s’ (you scammer!), Facebook’s algorithm curveball (that pesky Mr. Zuck strikes again!) and some good ‘ol fashioned online training.

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Facebook’s Huge Newsfeed Change – What You Need to Know


Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Change - Kenneth HollandFacebook is about to roll out a BIG change to its newsfeed algorithm…and it IS going to affect what you see going forward.

In a post on the Facebook’s newsroom blog, founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg outlined what they are doing but more importantly whyContinue reading

My First Vlog…Starving and Dealing with Stupidity [Vlog 1]

dealing with stupidity - Kenneth Holland Vlog

My First Vlog…Starving and Dealing with Stupidity [Vlog 1]

After countless attempts to get my Vlog off the ground…the first episode is here.

The content hasn’t been the issue…it’s technical.

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Video Editing Woes Have Changed My Content for Today


video editing woesToday was going to be my first Vlog episode for but the editing was a disaster because of corrupted files.

So here is my Facebook Live on the situation, as well as a few other topics I touch on.

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