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Man Enlists Bedbugs When Hotel Refuses to Refund Him

A traveler from Montana, who prefers to remain anonymous, devised a clever retaliation against a hotel that declined to provide a refund for his stay.

This gentleman encountered difficulties when trying to access his pre-booked accommodation due to problems associated with his identification, as reported by View From The Wing.

He had recently undergone the process of updating his driver’s license and, in the interim, was utilizing a temporary paper license while waiting for his permanent one to arrive. Concurrently, he was also waiting for his newly applied passport.

Despite having journeyed solely within the domestic boundaries of the United States, which does not necessitate a passport, he was rebuffed by the hotel he had pre-booked. He had presented them with his temporary driver’s license, the expired driver’s license, an expired passport, and a credit card under his name.

The frustration escalated when the hotel, which has decided not to disclose its name, proclaimed that it would not refund the payment already made for the room.


Pissed off (obviously), the man decided to visit a nearby supermarket to purchase a sizeable poster board and a Sharpie Marker. He then penned down an intriguing question regarding the hotel’s possible bedbug issue. Positioning himself on the footpath near the hotel, alongside a bustling six-lane street, he showcased his sign for all passersby to see.

Within a quarter of an hour, a woman, dubbed as the “no refund lady,” emerged from the hotel to engage him. Their conversation was reportedly short-lived, and she left shortly after, paving the way for the arrival of three police cars.

The police stuck around for about an hour and then departed. Regardless, the man stood his ground for another hour until finally, a police officer re-emerged, presenting a check to him as a refund for his non-stay.

Wouldn’t it have been a LOT easier if the ‘lady’ just gave him a refund? Maybe he was so handsome it just irked the crap outta’ her and she had to take it out on him (this is not likely BTW since I wasn’t there). 🙂

Kenneth Holland

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Kenneth Holland

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