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From Payroll Problems to Viral Victories: How a Texas Restaurant Saved Their Own Ass

It’s become an all-too familiar tale in the post (sorry, present) overreach world of restrictions, fludemics, and overall jackassery by the good ‘ole…


…and the brain dense people who support such shambolic thuggery.

Today’s installment sees a family-owned Mexican restaurant in Lewisville, Texas called Catrina Grill that tells a now common story: The father struggled to make payroll. His daughter, Katia Ramirez, did what any sane, hard-working American would do in this case: Take matters in her own hands and created a Tik Tok video to spur customer interest.

The result was a viral video that has spiked business for the family’s 2 locations.

Katia gets it. No one is coming to their rescue (again, contrary to the what the coddling arms of big brother are telling you) so she had to make something happen.

“But wait Ken!” you say. “What does the restaurant have to do with shams, jacks and the other ‘outrageous claims’ (emphasis: BS) you just opined on above?”

I’ll let you connect the dots on that.

Los Molcajetes - Chips and Salsa - Kenneth Holland

How Do I Know Catrina Grill is Struggling Due to the ‘Man’? Maybe They’re Not Well Run??

Yes, that’s possible. 

Not likely.

I’ve seen way too many businesses go belly up in the last 4 years not to know that in a situation like this, a Mom and Pop enterprise is the collateral damage for the powers that be that simply don’t give a shit.

Yes, harsh words.

But fitting ones.

So what we can do as Americans (yes, we are still better than the rest of you) is show them support.

If you’re in the area go to Catrina Grill and show them some love:

Catrina Grill383 Huffines Blvd, Lewisville, TX 75057972-906-9229

Kenneth Holland

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Kenneth Holland

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