How to Make Your First Dollar Online: The ‘Tooth Fairy Effect’

February 7, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

“Before you’re the next Richard Branson, you actually have to learn to make your first dollar online. Or…you can pick up this silly wand…”

“I need to make three thousand dollars this month…help me build a page to do that.”

This guy obviously needed to make some coin…and needed my help. What’s interesting was this was all he sent me in his email…no ‘Hello’, no ‘how are you’? Just “hey I need money help me.”

>> NOTE: Much of what I write on Kenneth Holland dot com these days is geared to businesses and business people who already know how to make a living online. However, I still care about the little guy...hence why I still try to help them. Let's continue...

I answered him (sometimes I like to be entertained), but I admit that I wonder what makes people like this tick...

“You could actually start by saying ‘hello’ and then asking me. What kind of budget do you have?”

“I dont have money. Thatss why I need it.” was his reply. (funny…still no ‘hello’ or ANY attempt at decorum)

I played along a bit longer: “I might be able to help. But you need to make your first dollar before anything else.”

“I dont want to know how to make a dollar online. i told you I need 3000.”

So that was the end of that exchange…and it almost always ends the same way: “Help me…I don’t have money…I’m not even going to be nice about it and I want a bunch of it now…oh…and do it for me.”

His last statement is what I want you to pay attention to.

How to Make Your First Dollar Online: Study History of the ‘Every Day’

When you walk toward an escalator to get on it what do you actually do? Think for a minute…what do you actually, physically do?

You put one one foot on the first step, right? Then you keep repeating that. You don’t try to put that foot on the final step at the very top do you?

You don’t, do you?

You CAN’T.

Here’s another one for the men:

You walk up to a pretty girl that you don’t know and ask ‘Will you marry me’? How many are going to say yes? But if you ask ‘Hi, can I get your number…I’d love to take you to coffee some time.’

Do ya think the second approach might just be a wee bit more effective?

ANY endeavor that has significant rewards REQUIRES you to start at the beginning and work your way up.

Your business is the same thing. You cannot bypass the first dollar. the first 10 dollars, the first 100 or the first 1,000.

You must learn how to make a buck first. Seriously. YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO MAKE ONE DOLLAR FIRST BEFORE YOU CAN MOVE FORWARD.

Stop believing the crap online where someone brags that they ‘made $127,000 in 6 weeks with this weird trick….’

It’s bullshit.

It’s not REAL.

There is NO secret.

There is NO 'Weird Trick'.

There is NO 'Loophole'.

Is that clear enough for you?

You better start adopting a mindset where you are open to learning, executing, making mistakes and doing THAT over and over again.

Do that and you will be successful.

The clown I described above? He needs a job. Then he needs to change the way he thinks. Then he needs to learn how to make his first dollar.

If you’re just starting out, or have tried and struggled to make your online and/or your affiliate business work, that's what you need to do…to make your first dollar online.


Pretty much any other approach (trying to find the shortcut) will introduce you to dismal failure. 

If you’re ready to approach this like a real business, reach out...join our emails insiders (opt ins are on this site). If you want to be a ‘multi-millionaire in 3 months with the latest cryptocurrency that’s going to rule everything’, you need to go somewhere else and come back when you’re ready to be a grownup.