The Best Wordpress Backup and Restore Plugin - UpdraftPlus

The Best WordPress Backup and Restore Plugin – UpdraftPlus

wordpress backup and restore plugin

The Best WordPress Backup and Restore Plugin – UpdraftPlus

If you have a WordPress blog (please tell me you do and post to it regularly…), then you MUST back up your blog every time you update it.

I have used several WordPress backup plugins over the years to protect my data, and I now use UpdraftPlus for my daily site backups.

The Ideal WordPress Backup and Restore Plugin [VIDEO]

Why Updraft Plus?

Simply put, they have a great reputation, have great reviews and a lot of big websites use them such as:

Proctor & Gamble
Princeton University

These are just a few. And I think you would agree if these companies use them they must be doing something right!

Like I mentioned above, they have numerous rave reviews similar to this one:

Marie Perrier: Yacht Zoo

I wouldn’t know of any better backup software for your WordPress install. Used for over 20 websites and never failed me, with great features such as daily database backups and weekly files backup. Possibility to move everything to remote storage as dropbox etc. Just the best and easiest plugin available and a lifesaver if really needed !!!

(Go HERE to read more testimonials)

Here’s a summary:

  • Highest-rating backup and restore plugin at (4.8 stars out of 5.0), and ranked in the top 30 (of over 50,000) WordPress plugins for popularity.
  • Designed to run everywhere that WordPress runs
  • Multi-site (i.e. WPMU/WordPress Network) compatible.
  • Proven to backup sites of 100GB; file size only limited by Web host.
  • Backs up limitless non-WordPress files and external databases.

UpdraftPlus Has Comprehensive Backup Options

UpdraftPlus allows to back up all your WordPress data with essentially one click and then automatically upload your backups to the cloud service of your choice such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, DropBox (what I use) and Rackspace.

Your backups can be encrypted for security and you can restore a backup with just one click in many cases. UDP also logs your backup activity to make sure your latest backup was a success, which is important!

I strongly recommend you back up your files to a cloud service. The last thing you want is to make backups, keep them on your own computer, and then your machine takes a crap. Invest in a cloud solution (such as Dropbox) and you’ll have peace of mind that your data is protected.

You Can Use UpdraftPlus for Free

UDP has a free option (what I am currently using but plan on updating) and their paid option has a ton more features and security enhancements. But honestly, for most of you the free option will probably be fine.

To see who simple UpdraftPlus is, watch my video above as I back up my WordPress Blog, or you can view it here on my Facebook page.

Now, to be transparent, I used to use BackWPUp and as far as I know, they are still really good. But UpdraftPlus is better in my opinion and safer. Just wanted you to know.

This the easiest and best WordPress backup solution that I’ve used. And because I like it so much, I am upgrading to a paid plan.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, you MUST back up your site regularly because at some point, you will either get hacked or have a web server failure that WILL compromise your data. In my 16 years online it has happened to me 3 times. Don’t think it won’t happen to you.

If you have any questions make sure to reach out to me.

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