When to Care What People Think of You

When to Care What People Think of You


what people think of youIn the age of social media we read and hear a lot of defiant tones as people profess their independence from what the masses ‘think of them’:

‘I don’t care what you think…’

‘It’s my life…you don’t like it, step off…’

‘You should never care what people think…’

I’ve even posted some similar sentiments on my social profiles.

Be careful thinking this way and making it an ‘absolute’ in your head.

When to Care What People Think of You [VIDEO]

Consider this:

Would you walk into a friend’s house and start making condescending remarks of the interior?

No, that’d be rude.

So you see, we’re the guests.

Remember, we live in this world still. So give yourself the extra trouble.

Balance is the key

Caring about what others think is a playful issue.

As much as you want think about it and even control it, you still do it anyway.

It’s best to have the right balance in your mind.

Know when to care, and know when to not care.

Here’s the thing:

People act like they don’t care what people think of them.  But they really do. I have things (and people) in my life that I’ve openly said ‘I don’t care what they think’. It’s not true. I do care. I DO care what some think of me.

But it has to be balance. A balance in caring who thinks what of me.

What People Think of You: The Importance of Reputation

When you defy the world and what they (it) thinks, you run the risk of 2 things:

– You put your business (and personal) reputation at risk.

– It deflects and pushes away THE most important thing: Love

You risk your reputation because you end up ‘refusing’ to work on relationships. And that deflects and pushes away love.

Think about it.

Your reputation is your social currency. That is important. Actually, it’s VITAL.

Caring What the Right People Think of You is Cultivated Through Influence

While it’s technically true that you cannot control what other people think of you, you CAN (and should) influence them.

Influence is important. It builds strength in your life. Strength builds confidence. Confidence builds a healthy soul.

And one of the most effective ways to build influence is through caring and love.

Striving to not care what ANYONE thinks is a surefire way to alienate yourself from the world and deprive yourself of meaningful relationships.

And I don’t care what anyone proclaims…no one wants that in their life.

I see this a lot with younger people…especially on Social Media.

You Should Care What the RIGHT People Think of You

At the end of the day you should care and not care what people think. People who are important to you should get your attention and you should spend time cultivating what they think of you overall. Conversely, spend little time on losers that would have little impact based on what they think. Oftentimes those people will go out of their way to bad-mouth you anyway.

It all comes down to HOW you allocate your time in regard to relationships. Develop the skill at selecting quality people in your life and cultivate those friendships. I guarantee you WILL care what they think…and they will care too.

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