The Quote 'What if Money Was No Object?' is Utter Garbage

The Quote ‘What if Money Was No Object?’ is Utter Garbage


what if money was no objectNot going to mince words here with you…the saying ‘What if Money Was No Object?’ is arguably one of the most ridiculous sayings I’ve ever heard.

From the best I can tell, this term was coined by British philosopher and writer Alan Watts. (Is it a coincidence Watts was an idealist? But I digress…)

The quote essentially asks what would your life be like if money were no object? In other words, you had LOTS of it so that you could ‘do’ anything you wanted with your life, regardless of the monetary cost.

We have all fantasized this scenario: To be freed from a job we hate. To travel the world on a whim. To buy whatever we wanted.

That’s why for most, it’s called a fantasy. It has no place in most people’s lives in terms of the REAL commitment required to attain their ‘dream’.

What if Money Was No Object? [VIDEO]

Money is an Object for EVERYONE

There’s not one person on this planet that can truly claim ‘money is no object’…unless you’re one of a very few that do not use it.

Think about it: For example, someone who is worth $100 million may not have have ‘enough’ money. They may not be able to do and attain the things they desire because they don’t have enough. It’s all relative.

How About We Deal With ‘What IS’?

I get the message and mindset meaning behind ‘what if’. It can challenge you to focus more on what your goals are.

But it doesn’t make it any less unrealistic.

And trust me, it’s pretty damn unrealistic.

That’s why lottery players live in the ‘what if’ mindset.

NOTHING Should Ever be an Obstacle to Your Desires and Goals

To me, the saying ‘What if Money Was No Object’ is insulting. It suggests you cannot follow your dream unless you’re given ‘permission’.

“Well…if I was a multi-millionaire I would do ‘X’!!”

Why aren’t you doing ‘X’ now?

“It’s not that easy. My dream takes a lot of money.” you say.

Then I suggest you get started. Because in case you haven’t learned by now, nothing is easy.

“‘What if you had all the money in the world? What would you do?’ What a crap-ass question because it’s based on a premise that will never come true for 99.9999% of us. I guarantee you if I was a billionaire married to an Italian supermodel I wouldn’t be posting this!! It’s called ‘what if’ for a reason! Find what you’re good at and exploit it to give yourself the best chance at freedom. Focus on what IS!
That’s called REALITY.”

The above is a quote I coined and post on social media from time to time. It’s my way of challenging you…challenging ME, to stay in reality on what IS in your life at this moment.

What-ifs are for fantasy seekers.

What IS and what you choose to BE are for doers.

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