Giving a Crap About People, Email and Bots - The Week in Review

Giving a Crap About People, Email and Bots – The Week in Review


week in reviewIn case you weren’t aware, Christmas is coming. Which means dodging little Johnny in the malls of the world as we try to get our shopping done.

It also means stocking up on fruitcake. Ok…nobody eats that crap. 🙂

But, you should give a crap when it comes to how you look online. And you should check your email and….*gasp* actually answer them…

How Instagram Bot Comments Are Ruining Your Brand

Did you ever see ‘Giant Robot’ as a kid? He was fighting the forces of evil and shot bullets out of his fingers (like me when I’m tying like a madman). But those bot comments on Instagram are no bueno. Let me remind you why

When to Care What People Think of You

You need to have tunnel vision and singular fire to reach your goals, regardless of the peanut gallery’s opinion. But the ones who DON’T hang out at the state fair eating cotton candy warrant your attention. Those are the ones who you SHOULD care what they think.

The Quote ‘What if Money Was No Object?’ is Utter Garbage

Hey! You got all the money known to man! What are you gonna do with your life? This is ain’t the movies Charlie, and chances are your last name isn’t Rockefeller. So here’s the reality of the situation

Why Aren’t You Answering Your Emails?

Here’s the thing with getting an email: You’re SUPPOSED to answer them. Especially when someone emails you and asks ‘…can I give you money’. Don’t be a mooncalf…and read this.

Ready to Get Real About What it’s Going to Take in Your Online Business?

Of course you can make 750 bucks over and over starting tomorrow just sending emails…no other work involved. You read that in a Facebook group, right? Ok…take off your headphones and pause your DVR of old ‘Lost’ episodes so we can talk…

Bourbon and Bones Scottsdale Happy Hour – Dot Com Food

Free bacon. Do I need to write anything else? Add in a spectacular cheeseburger (with yes…MORE bacon) and you’ve got an orgy in your mouth.


Didn’t I tell you that emails and cheeseburgers went together? Ok…I didn’t. But now that you know that they do just keep the mustard a fair distance away from your smartphone.

And lay me out a comment below and tell me: medium rare or well-done? Don’t forget to follow me on my social channels (it’s on the sidebar).

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