How to Use Clickbait for Fun, Profit...and to Weed Out Tire Kickers

How to Use Clickbait for Fun, Profit…and to Weed Out Tire Kickers

How to Use Clickbait for Fun, Profit…and to Weed Out Tire Kickers - kenneth holland

How to Use Clickbait for Fun, Profit…and to Weed Out Tire Kickers

It’s amazing how many ideas I get for content from my readers…

To those of you who email me here or on social media who send me warm compliments…thank you.

Then there’s the other side…


I got a warm and fuzzy email last week:

“So tired of your fake news and Clickbait headlines!!!! Why don’t you simply make a real post and let people click through on their own. You are obviously very smart [Editor’s note: I know. Thank you] and do not need to resort to your spammy techniques….”

He then went to blast me on Bitcoin saying I was wrong that I think it will fail (which I didn’t if he bothered to read my post).

But back on point friends…

How to Use Clickbait for Fun, Profit…and to Weed Out Tire Kickers [VIDEO]

What Is Clickbait?

Here’s the definition:

(on the Internet) content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.

People are confusing clickbait with ‘fake news’. Let me go on record (I think all of this ‘on record’ actually) and say I detest fake news. It’s potentially very damaging.

Something needs to be understood about Clickbait:

Clickbait Has Been Used Since the Beginning of Marketing

Companies have used enticing headlines in their marketing since the beginning of time. They use it now and will continue to use it. Clickbait is the same thing as any marketing piece you see on Television or print media to get you to take a desired action. People get offended by it because they hate that it convinces them to click through, tune in or grab the mag (azine).

Clickbait That Dupes You In To Something Other Than What the Headline Promises is Wrong

I would think this is self-evident. You do not want to mislead people. But if you think you’re going to market without using ‘enticement techniques’ (Clickbait!!) to push a desired action you are dreaming.

How Should You Use Clickbait…and Weed Out the Tire Kickers?

Learn to write good headlines that lead people to click…and find out more. It’s a skill that’s imperative to learn as you go forward.

You can use Clickbait to be controversial and qualify people: “Why You May not be Cut Out for Facebook Advertising” is an example. You can then go to target people who are ready to invest in Facebook and push away those who are not. Trust me, you do not want to appeal to everyone because a percentage will waste your time. You want to weed out the tire kickers.

I teach this very thing in some of my email training. If you are not in my email insiders group yet you should be. (I might insert a Clickbait headline here at some point…)

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