3 Ways 'No' Can Make You Rich

3 Ways ‘No’ Can Make You Rich


3 ways no can make you richLet’s be bluntly honest here…

Nobody likes rejection.

No one likes being told ‘no’.

In business, and in life.

I’ve been at this game for SIXTEEN years…and I STILL hate it.

But it doesn’t bother me anymore. At all. In fact, I KNOW it’s a powerful (and necessary) part of my sales process at all times.

Want to know why? Read (and watch) on…

3 Ways ‘No’ Can Make You Rich: Embracing the 80-20 Rule

Click here for a more in-depth explanation the 80-20 rule but for this article remember this: 80% (often times more) of the leads/prospects you come in contact with will do NOTHING. This isn’t theory. This is proven statistics. You cannot negotiate around it. So knowing this in advance gives you the reality that every marketing mechanism…every guru faces.

Every. Single. One.

NO ONE EVER in the history of marketing online or off EVER batted a thousand.


Why do you think great baseball players ‘fail’ at the plate 7 of 10 times??

This one is the most ‘mindset’ related. And the one that trips up most newbies. You only have to succeed a little bit of the time to change your life financially if you truly embrace this concept.

3 Ways ‘No’ Can Make You Rich: No’s Give You Valuable Data

When you track your data in your marketing (and you better be tracking), the no’s (those who do not buy) tell you what’s NOT working and what can be improved. You might say “Ken, what’s not working isn’t helping me!”


You HAVE to stop thinking that way if you’re going to be successful. Every successful marketer uses every failed ad, campaign and promotion to improve it for the next run. Then they do it again. Then they do it again!

That’s why the ‘no’s’ are indispensable to your business. I cannot tell you how vital this is.

3 Ways ‘No’ Can Make You Rich: No’s Give You a Second Chance If….

…You provide value.

QUESTION: Are you one of those people who blast your opportunity links all over social media, then wonder why no one buys?

It’s because THEY DON’T CARE.

Why? Because YOU DON’T CARE!

People don’t buy products. They buy SOLUTIONS to their problems. And they’re MUCH more likely to buy it from someone they trust.

And because you’re blindly slapping links all over what you’re telling everyone is this:

“I don’t care about you…I just want your money.”

I know you’ve heard the above many times…and there’s a reason:

Because it’s true!

If you provide value over time, some of those no’s become a yes. Not only that, but no’s will even refer you to a ‘yes’.

This has happened to me more times than I can count.

Do You Want Success? You MUST embrace these three principles.

Doing this will absolutely change the game for you…if you truly change the way you think about ‘no’.

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