Youtube Strong-Arms the Little Guy, Howard Stern and More - Week in Review

Youtube Strong-Arms the Little Guy, Howard Stern and More – Week in Review


Cryptocurrency continues to dominate the headlines (sorta like the Kardashians at Hometown Buffet) as everyone tries to understand what it all means going forward. Since it’s such the buzz-topic, I have decided to launch my own Cryptocurrency…aptly named ‘Pizzacoin’.

It’s very simple…you collect slices of Pizza and eat them before they expire. But part of the investment includes a Jenny Craig ETF. More on this later (or not).

Let’s get to ‘The Week’…

Subscriber calls me out for not showing him the love…Kenster responds…

Love means never having to say you’re sorry. In this case, one of my email insider subscribers claimed I didn’t love him enough and was just treating the people on my list as ‘sales’. Of course…I beg to differ on his assertions but what can I say? You can’t please everyone…and, well you shouldn’t. I’ve forwarding Ryan O’Neal’s number to him…

Youtube Demonetization Explained and What it Means for You

Youtube announced they’re giving publishers the axe: If you don’t meet certain criteria (watch time, subs, etc…) you no longer can run ads on your videos. People are in a tizzy over this. I laugh. Why? Because I repeatedly instruct people what they should be doing instead and many of you refuse to listen…and as a result you’re broke. Those of you who DO listen are, of course, banking greenbacks. It’s your choice, but if you want to be in the cool club (ie. the ones making $$) then read this.

Channeling Your Inner Howard Stern (aka IGNORING The Feedback)

On the heels of the first topic above, I give you a golden example of how to stick to your guns and ‘do you’. This is where so many people screw it up in business…and in life. They try to kiss EVERYBODY’S bum. Do I need to tell what happens when you try to appease the masses? You don’t see Howard doing that, you don’t see Trump (like him or not) doing it…and I certainly don’t.

Innocent Golden Retriever Beaten to Death by Chinese Police Officer – Can You Help?

No humor in this one I can assure you. This story beyond pissed me off. How some humans can be such pond scum is beyond me but I’m not naive. I know they’re out there. But here we (and you) can help. Click the link and sign the petition. Please.

Why Cryptocurrency Should be Regulated

As I said in the open, Crypto still has everybody’s panties in a bunch. Volatility and Crypto-Ponzi-schemes are ruling the day. Which is why the wild west days of CC are numbered…

10 Mistakes Bloggers Make When Setting Up and Publishing a Post

You DO have your blog up, right? No? Criminy Judas Priest! You NEED one and I’ll set it up for you…just send me a dad-gummed email. Now, for those of you who have listened to me and have one up…some of you are making some fundamental mistakes. Not to worry tho…Kenster has just want the doctor ordered.

Another week in the books. (Where are these ‘books’ kept anyway?) By the way, I’m writing this on my trusty laptop with a failing hard drive so if you don’t hear from me for a few days you know what happened. I’m kidding (on the ‘not hearing from me’). No amount of computer disasters will keep me from my mission.

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