You're boring me

You’re boring me


camel-boredBoring causes the death of ANYTHING.

People hate boring.

Your partner hates it.

Your dog hates it.

Your boss hates it (why do you think he keeps disappearing with Ashley his secretary?).

Don’t be boring!

Ya feel me hoss??

So when you’re building (or just starting) an online biz, you want to make things interesting.

Not only for your customer, but for you.

You’ve heard the saying…

‘I love what I do.’

That’s what drives you to press on and keep going.

Guess what?

It also makes you unboring.

So as you’ve no doubt read by now, I like to spice things up in my emails and my blog.

I don’t write cliched sales messages.

Who wants to read that stuff?


I have people who love what I write.

I also have people who HATE it.


Feeling me again??

Be interesting. Take chances. Challenge your audience.

The results will astound you.

This is what makes blogging a great tool for your tribe.

You can be interesting, funny and controversial…

…and build a brand at the same time.


You’re welcome.

My f.ree blog setup offer still stands for 2 more days.

I’ll get you set up and ready to go in a day.

Don’t let this pass.


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