"I Have To Work Hard?" Yes...Should I Get Your Bankie Now??

“I Have To Work Hard?” Yes…Should I Get Your Bankie Now??

I have to work hard? - KennethHolland.com

“I have to work hard?” is what a lot of internet newbies are asking these days. So here’s my no-holds-barred ‘wake the ‘f’ up’ answer to help you…

…and hot off the waffle iron of yesterday’s post I got a ‘humdinger’ of a response:

“This is crazy. You talk about all the hours you work (you are cool I guess) and thousands are creating hands off businesses and walking away with millions while you waste time writing about your money. You’re obviously an out of toush old man. You haven’t heard of Instagram have you.”

Criminy. I guess I’ve lost it. But I must disagree with your assertion that I’m ‘out of toush’. I can still get some good tail if I say so myself..

But let me digress and address this warrior of extreme intellect and man of wisdumb…

Clyde (let’s call him Clyde) is commenting on my post yesterday where I discussed the masses’ misunderstanding of the 4-Hour Workweek. I pointed out that while working towards a business and lifestyle where you can cut down your hours and still make great semolians is a great goal (and totally attainable) it takes a significant amount of upfront, consistent work to get there.

Apparently (as in he needs some parenting) Clyde thinks that in today’s world we can simply just slap a business together and throw it out there like a frisbee and it will come back ’round and serve you your beach house deed.

“I Have To Work Hard?” Yes…Should I Get Your Bankie Now??

Look, I think we can all agree that Clyde is likely a multi-millionaire that has evidently figured out the easy way to riches through Instagram. But for the rest of us slogs let me give you a quick insight of what I do (since I’m not in Clyde’s league):

Most weeks I will sit down and for 3 days straight I will pound out what I have to do. Typically they are 12 hour days. Yeppers…

12 hours.

Then the next four I work very little.

And…I don’t have to ask my boss if I can go to the bathroom or to a 3 hour lunch. Oh….BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A BOSS!

“I Have To Work Hard?” No, Beach House Deeds Will Rain from the Sky

You might say “Ken…that’s a lot of work.” 36 hours?

Yeah. 36. And I make more in a month than most make in a year? Hmmm…

I’ll keep doing this, thanks.

Look, for those of you who are scared to work in your own business, that’s fine. No worries. Stick with your job and if that makes you happy great. Seriously. But don’t come bitching to me when someone else sells you a course that will make you 500 bucks a day sending emails from your phone for 15 minutes a day and it doesn’t do ANY of that…EVER.

I’m in the affiliate marketing business. I teach others how to do it and I’m really really good at it. But I’m also in the business of REALITY. And my reality and what I teach is exponentially more profitable and takes less time AFTER you’ve laid down the foundation than anything else.


Want to know how? Book a call with me. But be serious and don’t ask me how to crap money for doing nothing…because I’ll send you back to Mommy if you do.

Here’s the link. I suggest you use it:


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