Wordpress Automatic Backup: A Must for Your Blog

WordPress Automatic Backup: A Must for Your Blog

Wordpress Automatic Backup

You must have a WordPress automatic backup system in place to protect yourself

It’s frankly amazing to me how many people I talk to that are blog/website owners that do not back up their site data.

Let me be clear:  Once you have your blog online and have put some content up you MUST have a system to back up your work that you’ve worked so hard to create.

And since we focus on blogging and wordpress around here at KennethHolland.com, you NEED to use some version of an effective WordPress automatic backup system.

Why It’s Vital to Control Your Own Blog Backups

Hopefully I don’t have to explain the obvious:  If your site crashes due to a server failure or hacking and you have no backup, you’re sunk.  Statistics say as many as 50,000 sites get hacked A DAY.  And even if you never get hacked, webhosting hardware failures happen all the time.

You cannot rely on your webhost alone to save your backups.  You need to save your own copies to protect yourself.

Your content is just too important.

How to Backup a WordPress Blog

There are many methods you can use to backup your WordPress blog, manual and otherwise. But the best way to backup WordPress is to use a plugin.

Plugins (as I’ve talked about elsewhere on my blog) make it very simple to administer WordPress tasks and functionality and when it comes to your backups this becomes even more important.

4 Really Good WordPress Site Backup Plugins

This is not a comprehensive list of plugins but the ones I’ve listed below are very effective and should serve you very well:


BackWPUp is a very solid plugin that will save your entire WordPress installation and your content database.  It also has a feature that can push your backups to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox, which I recommend.


Great plugin and updated regularly.  BackUpWordPress backs everything up and you can have your backup file emailed to you.


VaultPress is a premium WordPress automatic backup plugin, which means there is a cost. It starts at $9 a month and has some very robust features, such as automatic restore.  The creators of WordPress developed this and it’s very well regarded.  So if you want a solution that is very comprehensive and don’t mind paying I highly recommend this plugin.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox:

This is a bit similar to BackWPUp above.  Set it up and your backups will be performed and automatically sent to your Dropbox cloud storage account.

The Free WordPress Backup Plugin I Use

As of this writing, I currently use BackWPUp for my wordpress automatic backup jobs.  It’s performed really well for me and haven’t had any issues. But I am considering moving to Vaultpress.  If I do, I will update that move here.

Use Your Cpanel Backup Feature….As a Backup

Redundancy is never a bad thing when it comes to backing up your blog.  So you should make a habit of using your website host’s control panel (called cpanel) to also make a backup.  It’s pretty easy.  You can find more information on that HERE.

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