Will You Marry Me?

Will You Marry Me?


creep-guyIt’s amazing what true love can do…

…even in mere days, or sooner.

So last month I had a friend who met someone and in no time were engaged to be married…

– They met at a bar…they started chatting, which led to dancing and numbers exchanged.

And get this…

…they got engaged when they were walking to their car!


Yes it is.

That’s because it didn’t happen.

‘WTF’…you’re probably thinking.

WTF is right.

Yet that’s how people are trying to market their business online.

They jump in to a new opportunity, full of piss and vinegar and ready to take on the world.

Then what do they do?

They start spamming Facebook groups or hound people on FB private message after they’ve ‘friended’ them.

You know…

‘Hey how are you? How’s the wife and kids?? You don’t know me from Jack but here’s my offer you should look at….’



They decide to run some paid ads thinking people will click on their ads but have absolutely no follow up mechanism in place.

I have question for you:

Do you think some stranger is going to click an ad and buy from you straight away?

You might get a few…but not even remotely close enough to make money in your business…let alone break even.

It ain’t happening hoss.

In either example above, you’re losing your ass…guaranteed.

Just like meeting a new gal (or guy). They’re not marrying you on the first date.

‘You what? You want to get married??’


You need to NURTURE the relationship.

Marketing is no different.

You achieve this through effective follow-up.

And there (STILL) is no better way to do this online than email.

Yep. Email.

‘But I thought email is dead Ken…and what about Social Media?’

Email is FAR from dead…and I’m going to be proving that to you in the next few days. So make sure to read my upcoming emails.

You’re likely to be surprised by what I show you.

Stay tuned.


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