Why You Want Them to Leave Your Email List

Why You Want Them to Leave Your Email List

why you want them to leave your list - Kenneth Holland

Are you building your email list? No? Well if you are (and you still SHOULD be) I’m going to tell you why you want them to leave your list…

I get this concern over and over…and over again.

“I don’t want to email my list too much…so how much is too much?”

I’m not sure why people are afraid to email their list.

Maybe it’s because you’ve finally attracted subscribers….and hence don’t want them to leave.

You do.

Maybe it’s because you’re sensitive and don’t want to make people mad.

Make them mad.

Let me give you a little insight on what I have basically done for years in regards to my lists:

(NOTE: I’ve built lists to just north of 90K subscribers…yes I’m bragging…get over it and listen)

When someone doesn’t open any of my emails after a period of time (typically for me it’s 60 days) I remove them. I do this because…well…they don’t open. What purpose do they serve if they’re not reading your stuff? Plus, it hurts your deliverability score (more on this in the future).

THEN…I also purge subscribers who don’t click any link in my emails after a certain period…typically 90-120 days. Why? If they’re just reading and never clicking then they’re not serious. Some say this is harsh…but that’s how I do it. At some point I want action-takers…not people sitting on the sideline holding the water bottle.

I THEN delete people who do not buy after 1 year…maybe 2. YEP. Why would I do this? Because they’re never going to buy. All my testing (18 years’ worth) proves this. I want people who are buyers….people that I do business with. I don’t run a charity. To be transparent, there are some that I keep…for example…those who email me.

If this offends thee, too bad…I’m telling you what most other REAL marketers do but they don’t have to balls to tell you.

I want you to know what actually works…rather than blow a bunch of theory up your hiney.

Now, back to email frequency…

If you feel you’re emailing too much?

Email less.


In other words…test.

Test it.

Then test it some more.

Only way you’ll know.

The lesson here is be confident in your communications. You can’t (nor should you) please everybody.

If someone doesn’t like what I’m sending them? They can leave. In fact, I WANT them too.

And so do you.

It’s called positioning.

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