Why Multi-Tasking Doesn't Work

Why Multi-Tasking Doesn’t Work

why multi-tasking doesn't work - Kenneth Holland

How often do you see people who are great at more than ONE THING? This is one of the reasons why multi-tasking doesn’t work…

A few months back I read an interview of a singer named Bruce Dickinson, who fronts the famous heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

Dickinson is also known for his accomplishments in aviation (he’s a licensed commercial airline pilot), fencing, writing novels and other pursuits.

He was releasing a book he had authored, and was asked by fan how he gets so much done with all he has going on in his life.

His answer was very illuminating.

From Blabbermouth.net:

“All this stuff about multitasking, it’s rubbish — rubbish; absolute rubbish,” he continued. “Women cannot multitask. Men cannot multitask. But some people are better at going from one thing to the other thing to the other thing to the other thing and back to the other thing and everything else like that.

But if they’re gonna be successful at that, they’re gonna do one thing at a time and change rapidly from one to the other. That’s not multitasking; that’s figuring out how to change rapidly from one thing to the other.”

Why Multi-Tasking Doesn’t Work (Unless You’re a Computer)

What’s interesting here is that I’ve been working to simplify my business down to core areas where I am not only proficient but passionate about.

For example, I really love to write, but have been inconsistent with it in the last few months. There’s two reasons for this: Firstly, my Dad passed so there was the expected emotional turmoil and ‘practical tasks’ that needed attention (estate etc…).

Then there was the second reason: I frankly had spread myself too thin in my business. I was working on different sales strategies, conversion funnels and other concerns that took me in 10 different directions.

Now, all those things can be very important for the success of a business. However, oftentimes trying to master too many components of ANYTHING leaves you mastering none. And that is death to any endeavor.

I totally agree with Dickinson. Not only is multi-tasking in and of itself a myth, but the process of moving from one ‘thing’ to another is very difficult for most.

Take Michael Jordan. He’s a successful businessman now but he was legendary at ONE THING: Basketball.

Keep it simple. Master one thing before you attempt to move on to something else. Most successful people possess this trait and modeling this in your own journey will serve you well.


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