Why Mom Was Right About Entitlements

Why Mom Was Right About Entitlements

why Mom as right about entitlements - KennethHolland.com

When I receive drivel like this, I’m always reminded why Mom was right about entitlements…and how so many haven’t a clue on being professional.

“I can’t follow or unfollow anyone now it’s so frustrating! I need help answer me now.”

This above…the latest ‘comment’ on one of my popular Youtube videos on the practice of rapid following and unfollowing on Instagram.

(…by the by, this practice essentially no longer works…so if you’re doing it, I’d advise cutting it out)

So my fellow here demanded I answer him. Hmm. Ok. But first, a couple of quick questions:

> Do I work for you? (Aka, are you my boss?)

> Is your last name Buffett, Bezos or Gates?

> Is it likely you live in the ‘lack mentality’ (more on this later), have ZERO manners (common) and live in Uncle Jeb’s basement (dirty)?

My answers (as I see them)…

No, no…and yes.

Why Mom Was Right About Entitlements and the Stupidity Of The Masses

For us American folk, we just had midterm elections yesterday, and the term ‘entitlements’ gets thrown around as much as the politicians’ slush funds for their sleazy affairs do.

I won’t bore you with definitions other than to say entitled people think they have a right to something.

Personally, I don’t think us humanos have a right to much of anything (but that’s for another debate).

But what I see all too often are wankers like this miscreant demanding they be helped without so much as a ‘please’ or…shudder the thought…ASKING me for help.

Nah, that’s too much work. ‘Give it to me now because I’m ENTITLED.’

Mom was always right wasn’t she?

2 things to keep in mind when you get this kind of approach from a misguided soul:

> You owe them nada in way of a response

> You owe them nada in way of a response even if they are paying you.

Yep, that’s right. Manners still rule even if a significant percentage of the world at large doesn’t think so.

From this point forward think of yourself as an agent for accountability for the rude brigade. Don’t let them off the skewer, ever.

I actually talk about this with my private clients in my personal online consulting program that I have just relaunched.

It’s simple: I help you do the things that actually help you have a profitable business online, if we’re a match to work together.

Go to my link below and book a consultation call with me (totally free). No obligation to join with me. We either see we’re a fit or we are not. At the very least we can join forces in our fight against the ‘misguided demanders of BS’.

Here’s the link:


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