Who the Hell ARE YOU? (Email Marketing Lightbulb Moment)

April 8, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'The second someone sees your email and they ask 'who the hell are you'? You're in big trouble.'

I don’t know about you, but when I get to know someone, I prefer that they use the same name whenever I see them or they call me.

Call me crazy…

…but my communications with someone in this scenario pretty-much-usually-more-often-than-not-actually-FREAKING-NEVER go like the following:

Week 1:

“Hi Ken, it’s Rachael Smith.”

Week 2:

“Hi Ken, it’s Stephen Abernathy.”

Week 3:

“Hey there Kenny, it’s Mona Masterson.”

Week 4:

“Hey there Kenneth, it’s John McGillicutty.”

“Hey as#%$#…you owe me…” (oops…that was my ex-wife from my divorce deposition…never mind this one…)

When someone YOU KNOW communicates with you…don’t they use the same name every single time?

Why…of course they do.

Then why on God’s green, moderately polluted earth do people who are using email marketing switch up their names in the ‘From’ field in their damn emails???!!!

Who Are You Sending the Email To?

When you send an email, you know who you're sending it to. So why does it make any sense to change the name in your 'From' line as I described above?

"But companies have multiple people sending emails Ken."


You're not thinking like the email recipient. You're thinking about yourself.

I read all this drivel from 'experts' about all the various no-no's you shouldn't be doing in your email marketing...the one that always make me laugh is...

"Uh....improve your grammmer."


"Nice long. formatted paragraphs."

I just threw up in my mouth a little...

The Worst Mistake in Email Marketing is Them Not Knowing Who You Are

Now that you know (and will never knowingly do it again...) let me show you what to do:

If your email is from you (it's actually from you, yes??):


...and you have to append your 'from' line then put it in brackets:

Betty [Blue Widgets Company]

The reverse is also true...

If the company is the main star (typical) then you could reverse the above if you wanted.

Once someone sees your email and does NOT immediately know who it's coming from...


Or worse...

'Cured salty meat'.

Like I said...it's a common screw up and now you know not to do it...