What’s Your Story Internet Glory?

March 7, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'Soooo what's your story? You need help? Ready to stop following the wankers who claim you'll make 2K next week posting the same scammy shit drivel?'

Hey! I decided to come out of my Mom’s basement and even get outta my sweats to talk to you about something important…

If you go to my ‘About‘ page you’ll read a bit on me and why I’m doing what I’m doing and what it could do for you.

But I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately with a lot of you needing help. I get it. There’s IS junk misleading people out there.

'What's Your Story' is really YOUR story...own it

So here’s the issue with some of you: You’ll send me an email and then play games. I don’t waste my time. Ever. So this post serves the purpose of ‘what to expect from me’ and what I expect from you. If you’ve followed me for awhile, you’ll know that I can be very direct and a bit salty…but I’m also fair.

You want to start an affiliate marketing business? You want to REALLY learn what it takes? Good stuff…then read on. If not, hit the back button in your browser and get back on Netflix and Fort-snap.

So let me start my answering some of the more popular questions I get right now…and then what to do next…

Is Internet/Affiliate Marketing a Scam?

This question makes me laugh. No, internet marketing is not a scam. Firstly, is the internet a ‘scam’? And is marketing a ‘scam’? Of course not. But as soon as you put those two together it frankly becomes this ridiculous buzz-phrase to the skeptics who have a loser mindset and are always afraid of pretty much everything.

Sure, there are plenty of scams and scammers out there in ANY industry. Just do your homework and use your common cents.

Do you do Network Marketing?

In a word, no. There are some advantages to MLM…the main one being that it fosters help between people. But…most pay plans are shit and a lot of the companies’ leaders wouldn’t know marketing if it bit 'em in the ass. 

You Don’t Seem to Hard-Pitch on Your Posts. Why?

I don’t that much but I almost always weave an offer in at some point. There’s a couple reasons: 1-It doesn’t work most of the time and 2-It’s boring. People want to be entertained. And I need to entertain myself. EVERYTHING I put out has value weaved in to it. But I do make offers most of the time…

I Need to Start an Online Business and Make 2 Grand in 2 Weeks…Can You Help Me?

No, I can’t. No one can. Go get a side job or some other means to generate some quick money. And go grow up. This is a business…a great one. But it still takes commitment and hard work…and time. Now…you could, in theory, make that 2K but you would probably need 6K to generate it.

What's YOUR Story Ken? How Do I Know Who to Trust?

You need to figure that out. That’s a YOU deal. I know…it’s not what you hear from the hucksters, right? I shoot my shit straight. I got back in to this business to help people and show the market that there are legit marketers in our industry because it’s getting ruined by a bunch of know-nothing hacks.

If you feel you can’t trust me, don’t. I’m not here to convince anyone here of anything. I’m smarter than most people in this industry and really only for one reason, I’m smarter because I’ve been at this for almost 20 years. That’s it. So for most people, it’s that they can’t trust themselves.

I Need to Get a Hold Of You Ken

You really don't. But if you insist, you can reply to me here or connect on a variety of social channels. Simple.

Can You Show Me How to Get Started?

Maybe. That's really up to you.