What You Must Learn About Lagging And Star Citizen

What You Must Learn About Lagging And Star Citizen

What you must learn about lagging and Star Citizen - Kenneth Holland

What you must learn about lagging and Star Citizen

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready.” – Hugh Laurie

I must start out by letting any gamers know who might stumble upon (sounds like a great name for a website!) this post that this has nothing to do with any ‘game mechanics’ slowdown or even Star Citizen directly. So know that up front my PC warriors.

Now, to my online affiliate minions…

Star Citizen is a computer combat game for gamers to play each other online in real time (called a ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ or mmorpg).

Now, why would I write about this you might be asking?

What You Must Learn About Lagging And Star Citizen – You’ll NEVER ‘Be Ready’

Star Citizen has one dubious distinction that we all can absolutely learn from:

The creators started developing this game in 2011. Through crowdfunding they’ve raised MILLIONS in capital to continue development and ultimately bring the game to market. After initially planning to launch the game in 2014 they have yet to fully release it. After countless delays some predict the game will not be fully launched until 2021 IF even then…or even years after that.

(If you want to delve more in to this fascinating story you can check it out here and here)

Not being a coder or a programmer (I prefer to think of myself as a mere storyteller/gatherer in between sips of wine) I cannot fathom the amount of work that would go in to a massive computer game.

But there is a huge lesson to be learned by moving forward in your life and business before you are ready to do so.

Because let’s realize something here: You are never going to be ‘ready’.

I see this all time in my coaching and on social media. Too many think the answer lies in ‘just learning this one final tactic’…’I have to get my ducks in a row.’

No…you don’t…because I’m here to tell you…the ducks don’t give a rats hiney and are laughing at all your posturing.


Make no mistake, Kenster has been guilty of this many times.

More than I can count.

And at the end of every day the message is thrust upon me…and it’s ALWAYS the same: ‘Ken, DO and figure out the problems later.’ ‘Ken, it’s NOT all going to be fixed before you start….EVER.’

The time is NOW my friends…and that time is never coming back.

This is one of the areas I focus on in my personal online consulting program.

Getting a simple strategy down and executing it…now.

Go to my link below and book a consultation call with me (pro bono). No obligation…no spaceships. Just a simple conversation to see if we can work together.

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