What Customer Service Really Means

February 16, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

“What customer service really means when a company actually gives a rip about you and *gasp* … actually stands behind their product…”

It sounded like that ‘heaving’ sound you make when you’re about to toss your cookies.

Yeah. Throw up.

I turned the key on my Scion and it was immediately clear my battery was failing…barely turning over and that lurching, grunting sound until…luckily my car fired to life.

Fortunate that it did, because I was betting that it wasn’t starting again. So off I went to the Midas repair shop…

What does good customer service mean to you? For me it's pretty damn simple...

“I know I didn’t replace my battery THAT long ago.” I muttered to myself.

I hate batteries and tires. A necessary evil of course, but those are things you KNOW companies could make to last 10 years easily and decide to make last TWO…for the recurring almighty dolla’ of course.

After all, they put a man on the moon in the 60’s, right? (don’t answer that)


I pull in to the mechanic where I had the battery installed and give ’em the scoop.

“Let’s see when we put this battery in for ya ‘hon. You know we probably replaced this farther back that ya think.” Rhonda, the service manager quipped.

“Here we go.” I thought. Setting me up for “well…of course you need a new battery….this heat will really wear them out blah blippity blah.” I was not hopeful in the slightest.

Rhonda marches in from the service bay and proclaims “…there is a faulty cell in your battery and we’re gonna replace it at no charge…under warranty.”

“Really?" a small measure of shock likely washed over my demeanor. "What about labor?” I ask.

“Nah ‘hon.” You owe nuthin’. We’ll have you outta here in 20 minutes.”


My faith in humanity redeemed…at least for today.

How Do you Spell Customer Service? It usually includes the letter 'give a shit' 

Cruddy customer service seems to be the norm these days, yet here is a shining example when you step up and do what’s right you’ve gained a customer…likely for life. Hmm...I read somewhere that was the goal...

And in our business of affiliate & digital marketing, it’s not just being helpful and fixing ‘the problem’, it’s promoting quality solutions to YOUR customers. Translation: Don't promote questionable or scammy stuff. Ever.

Lesson, my esteemed cohorts: Promote quality stuff and return your emails when someone contacts you…especially…ahem…when they're a potential customer.

Think of it this way: What is customer service to you? Do that.

Unfortunately, I have to keep repeating this crap because the younger generation thinks you don’t have to do these things…and they’re right…if you wanna stay poor…