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Bing Ran Google Ads While Drinking Patreon…Kinda – The Week in Review


Another year in the books…I guess. I just said that because it’s the popular term…you know…makes me look cool and all knowledgeable. Where are these books anyway? Do they have a Kindle version? I still have my library card…

The past few days I blathered (rather intelligently I might add) about Mr. crooner and his fascination with tequila, cherries and social media. (did you know Bing has an Instagram account?) Anyhoo, let’s recap…Continue reading

Commitment Phobia, Retargeting and Spam Selfies – The Week in Review


If you saw me on one of Instagram today, you’ll notice I was a pale shade of white (is that redundant?). I was holiday shopping. How do people do it? Likewise, how do people DO and NOT DO some of the things I ranted so eloquently about this week? I try to be helpful…but some just do not want to see the forest for the Christmas trees. Ok, that was bad. But if you want to know how to run an online business that doesn’t resemble Kris Kringle these posts will help…

Commitment Phobia, Retargeting and Spam Selfies – The Week in Review

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High-Flying Affiliate Mistakes You Can (Not) Run From Your Phone – The Week in Review


I’ll never understand why people sell themselves short. Demonstrating a higher value not only helps you but helps the person you’re selling to.

This past week I touched (down) on leveraging the efforts of others in your product/service offerings and warned of being complacent. I also told the tale of a man who frankly makes most of us wimps when it comes to commitment and overcoming the odds.

So put down your phone for a few minutes (since it ain’t about to do any selling for ya) and give this a read…Continue reading

Social Media Addiction & Pin Up Dolls – The Week in Review


The younglings laugh at me when I talk about TV remotes and Rotary phones. Then I see them waste their time with selfies. Here’s what they’re missing.

I have to laugh sometimes when I tell the younger whippersnappers that before the Interwebs and smart phones we had push button telephones and before that, rotary phones. They then give me a sideways look like I’m talking gibberish and say “you’re old huh?”

Then I have to cry.

Then they ignore me and start perusing their Snapchat while downloading a song to their 10 Terabyte flash drive.

I am old. But smart enough to edumacate the younglings that they are missing out on a golden goose of opportunity that is Social Media.

Hold off on the selfies for a ‘sec and read the following:Continue reading

4-Minute Delusions Betting with Bernie Madoff – The Week in Review


Today’s Week in Review covers delusion, Bernie Madoff, Tim Ferris and betting on Hummer drivers carrying beers. Sounds like a personal problem…

I have this recurring dream where I’m at Aqueduct Horse Race track with Bernie Madoff and we’re betting long shot after long shot. After a couple races where we lose our a@#, Bernie turns to me and says, “don’t worry kid…this next one’s a winna!”

Ok, I don’t have these dreams (mine are mostly about me and Tara Reid launching a tequila startup), but with a lot of the stuff I see posted on social media regarding peoples’ ‘online businesses’, I feel it’s my god-given duty to champion the scrolls of reality (while wandering the desert in a Hummer with a keg attached).

With that being said…Continue reading

Loophole Discovered (uh…), Black Crack Friday Tips – Week in Review


Magic Loophole and Crack Friday - Kenneth HollandWell hot damn! The secret, magic loophole wrapped in a do-it-yourself software that costs nothing and parks new Ferraris in your driveway has been discovered. Well…not quite. This ‘secret’ isn’t quite as exciting as that but it will *gasp* show you what it will actually take to start succeeding in your online affiliate business.

Annnnnnnd, we just had the vaunted ‘Black Friday’. Or as I like to sometimes term it, ‘here’s a new ‘Fridge’ for 148 bucks…now go fight 73 other people for it and we’ll see you at the checkstand.’ Here’s my take on ‘retail hell’ and how you can stand out from the horde.

Plus (of course) more…so let’s get to it:Continue reading

Super Ken’s Week in Review


Super Ken’s Week in ReviewIt’s ‘The Big Game’ today. Apparently I cannot use the word ‘Super Bowl’ because of trademarks, rights, etc…. Maybe I can do some SEO for Roger Goodell in exchange for using the term. I could really help him and I have the first keyphrase I can help him rank for: ‘Stop Pissing Off Your Fans’. That’s gonna take a a lot of link-building…

Anyhoo…let’s get to todays Week in Review…Continue reading

Youtube Strong-Arms the Little Guy, Howard Stern and More – Week in Review


Cryptocurrency continues to dominate the headlines (sorta like the Kardashians at Hometown Buffet) as everyone tries to understand what it all means going forward. Since it’s such the buzz-topic, I have decided to launch my own Cryptocurrency…aptly named ‘Pizzacoin’.

It’s very simple…you collect slices of Pizza and eat them before they expire. But part of the investment includes a Jenny Craig ETF. More on this later (or not).

Let’s get to ‘The Week’…Continue reading

Tales from the Crypto, The ‘Big’ Burger & More – The Week in Review


Tales from the Crypto - The Week in Review - Kenneth HollandLet me just give you a quick list of what we’ll cover today…because it’s a doozy…

– Amazon, Uber and the Antichrist

– Train Crashes

– Juicy Ribs

– Crypto Disasters

– Tubes Where They Don’t Belong

– Big Freaking Cheeseburgers

Sounds like the next Vin Diesel movie…or a Dodge commercial. Same thing, right?

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Profiting from ‘Scams’, Facebook’s Curveball & Vlog Dreams – The Week in Review


facebook curveball - kenneth hollandLet’s make this clear: I was not born to be a video editor…or at least understand how to make one work. But alas, I did manage to get my first Vlog online this past week (you did sub to my Youtube channel, right??). But not without countless technical gremlins (has there ever been a nice gremlin??).

Now you may be asking “why are you Vlogging now…aren’t you a boring-ass (and extremely successful) internet marketer who just talks about SEO and VSL’s??” Well…yeah (on the successful part). But my master plan of world domination includes Vlogging…and this week it also includes some commentary on Sam’s Club (scary stuff), profiting from your ‘no’s’ (you scammer!), Facebook’s algorithm curveball (that pesky Mr. Zuck strikes again!) and some good ‘ol fashioned online training.

Let’s get you caught up…Continue reading