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Tales from the Crypto, The ‘Big’ Burger & More – The Week in Review


Tales from the Crypto - The Week in Review - Kenneth HollandLet me just give you a quick list of what we’ll cover today…because it’s a doozy…

– Amazon, Uber and the Antichrist

– Train Crashes

– Juicy Ribs

– Crypto Disasters

– Tubes Where They Don’t Belong

– Big Freaking Cheeseburgers

Sounds like the next Vin Diesel movie…or a Dodge commercial. Same thing, right?

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Profiting from ‘Scams’, Facebook’s Curveball & Vlog Dreams – The Week in Review


facebook curveball - kenneth hollandLet’s make this clear: I was not born to be a video editor…or at least understand how to make one work. But alas, I did manage to get my first Vlog online this past week (you did sub to my Youtube channel, right??). But not without countless technical gremlins (has there ever been a nice gremlin??).

Now you may be asking “why are you Vlogging now…aren’t you a boring-ass (and extremely successful) internet marketer who just talks about SEO and VSL’s??” Well…yeah (on the successful part). But my master plan of world domination includes Vlogging…and this week it also includes some commentary on Sam’s Club (scary stuff), profiting from your ‘no’s’ (you scammer!), Facebook’s algorithm curveball (that pesky Mr. Zuck strikes again!) and some good ‘ol fashioned online training.

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Uncle Facebook, General Patton, and Hacking Tai Lopez – The Week in Review

Uncle Facebook, General Patton, and Hacking Tai Lopez - Kenneth Holland

Uncle Facebook, General Patton, and Hacking Tai Lopez – The Week in Review

Ok…I admit it. My shopping is NOT done. Everyone has their holiday gift strategy all buttoned up by the 15th, right…

So while I brave the malls full of screaming Johnny’s and the goofy Verizon guy telling me I need 17 lines of the best ‘something or rather’ (I swear he follows me everywhere I go) here’s what you need to get caught up on in the world of Facebook and the benefits of having George S. Patton as your mentor (now how cool would THAT be?).

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Giving a Crap About People, Email and Bots – The Week in Review


week in reviewIn case you weren’t aware, Christmas is coming. Which means dodging little Johnny in the malls of the world as we try to get our shopping done.

It also means stocking up on fruitcake. Ok…nobody eats that crap. 🙂

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