'You Have the World by the Tail'

‘You Have the World by the Tail’

We all have the world by the tail

‘We have the world by the tail son’, he said to me just after I snapped this pic this morning

He was a tall, older, bearded man…weathered but wise looking.

As he walked by me I said ‘good morning’ and smiled. I was drinking my coffee and feeling really good as I appreciated such a unbelievably beautiful morning in the desert (see the picture above).

‘Good morning’, he replied back and as he walked by he stared straight at me…as if to make sure I was listening. Then he said:

“We have the world by the tail son.”

His statement grabbed me. It was like he was REALLY saying…

‘YOU have the world by the tail’.

We Have the World by the Tail Meaning

The ‘definition’ of having the world by the tail (according to Wiktionary) is:

To possess great influence and opportunity…

but I think it means more than that.  When you have the opportunity to BE and DO…you also have a responsibility.  Because we’re all in this world to make a difference.  Whether you or I actually DO that…is up to us.

We ALL Have the World by the Tail

I always loved this statement because my Dad would always say it.  But I admit it never really ‘reached me’ until this morning.  Like it was the perfect time for me to ‘accept’ its meaning.

So many people make excuses for why they’re not getting what they want out of life and I think it boils down to 2 things:

1. Their mindset and outlook is flawed

2. They don’t want it bad enough

You can’t change your circumstances until YOU change. When you keep getting what you’ve always gotten, it’s because you’re doing the same shit.

Start doing something different…something MORE. Push yourself. And you MUST change the way you LOOK at things for things TO change.

We live in such an amazing time. In the next hour this post and my video will accessible all over the world. I will have shot my video with a small hand-held phone that takes amazing pictures.

Someone will read/watch this…and maybe it will spur them to take action. To do more.

To BE more.

Will you BE more?

Will you grab the tail?

Or will you keep making excuses??

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