Video Woes, Apple Deceit and Chocolate Chip Pizza - The Week In Review

Video Woes, Apple Deceit and Chocolate Chip Pizza – The Week In Review


Kenneth Holland - KennethHolland.comIt’s been a week since you’ve sworn off Aunt Ginny’s Chocolate Chip Cookies….so why did I see a smudge of semi-sweet chocolate on your cheek??

It’s ok…they’re damn good.

We should just talk about food today, but I’ll save that for later. Let’s round up the week…

Video Woes, Apple Deceit and Chocolate Chip Pizza – The Week In Review [VIDEO]

Sometimes it’s just time to make the jump…

No no…don’t start thinking of driving to San Fran to the Golden Gate Bridge…that’s not what I’m talking about! But rather…there comes a time when you have to say “enough is enough” when your boss gives you a 30 cent raise and says “isn’t it great??” No…it really isn’t. Time to take a stand and do what needs to be done. “…go ahead and juuuummmmppp!”

How to get people to read your posts [Tutorial]

Just because you read the ‘Medical Journals Daily” (I made that up) or “National Geographic (I read Nat Geo only for the pictures…*wink*) doesn’t mean your paragraphs should look like theirs. If you want your stuff to actually be read, you need to do this.

Social Media is damaging our society! The sky is falling too…

Professor John McGillicutty of Schlock State is warning us of the dangers of Social Media. Whatever. I’m frankly a bit more concerned of a 357 Magnum being pointed in my face. Being responsible for your actions annnnnd your kids actions (if you don’t little Timmy on Facebook then *gasp*…be a parent and don’t let him!) goes far beyond Social. Go read this. Even Harry Callahan would be proud.

How to Get Real Twitter Followers Fast [Tutorial]

Not sure what the deal is. Twitter is by far the easiest way to get qualified leads…for free. Are you filling your autoresponder by slapping your ‘make 3 million tomorrow whispering sweet nothings to your smartphone’? Didn’t think so.

Apple’s $29 ‘Hush Money’, Facebook’s Undisputed News, Amazon.weed – Dot Com Minute

All the news that’s fit to download. Maybe I should start a newspaper… Here I cover a few choice news items that broke over the holidays or thereabouts. Oh…and I’m still hot about Apple!

Video Editing Woes Have Changed My Content for Today

My first Vlog was set to go out on this day. Windows Live Movie Maker had other ideas. I still haven’t figured out how to identify corrupted video files so I can render my video. This is officially a cry for help. HELP!!

Ok…I’m off to do a Facebook Live for this. Then Pizza. Wait! I’m supposed to be good. Screw it. Pizza!!

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