The Email That Vanished Like a Fart in the Wind

February 21, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed and distracted that truly great opportunities pass us up like a fart in the wind...

The Warden was pissed…and couldn’t believe it.

After all, how could a prisoner in a maximum security prison bust out of his cell and escape…

…without even so much as a sniff??

And if you’ve ever seen the flick ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, it’s one of the all-time greatest movie scenes ever.

In case you haven’t, the main character Andy (played by Tim Robbins) spends 19 years boring a hole in his cell wall unbeknownst to anyone until he finally makes his escape in the dead of night…

…much to the shock of the Warden and his prison guard cronies.

“It’s a miracle! Man up and vanished like a fart in the wind!!” the Warden exclaims in disgust and horror.

And so it goes with your email inbox as well…

Like a Fart in the Wind...My Emails Can be Misconstrued as Odorous Pablum...But Don't be Fooled...

We all get inundated with emails so sometimes it’s challenging to find the important ones among all the ‘flatulence’…

If you've been reading my emails (you have been...right??) you'll know that I'm not your average run-of-the-shill marketer. I like to entertain, tell stories and give you real value on how you can move your affiliate and/or online business forward.

Don't disappear like a fart in the wind, lest you miss out on some good ole fashioned tips and tricks

But in all serious-nessery here…we’re doing some real damage (and helping people out in a BIG way) in my Bizcrushers Online Mastermind Group.

We’re talkin’ videos, how-to’s…and getting your questions answered…unlike some lame-ass spammy Facebook confab that truly does stink.

We cover:

- Affiliate Marketing (of course)
- Email Marketing
- Writing Good Copy
- Giving REAL Value to Your Audience

In other words, we can actually help you with your online business and we don’t allow crappy spam there.

So…you ready??

Don’t pass gas, don’t piss off the prison guards and go join us now:

Go to the link HERE and read the rules first to see if you're a fit with us (you will be if you're not a spammer) and then come on in.