TV is Dead...Long Live...Facebook?

TV is Dead…Long Live…Facebook?

TV is Dead - Kenneth Holland

“Social media and this (holds up a smartphone) has leveled the playing field. Anyone can win if they’re willing to put in the work.” TV is dead.

“My friends…ABC and NBC and CBS are out of business…as we know them. Television, commercial industry is 80 billion dollars. 80 billion dollars this year on making and distributing 30 and 15 second videos that are played in between TV shows…and NOBODY’S watching.”

This is a quote/excerpt from a keynote Gary Vaynerchuk did back in May of this year. In it, he emphatically implored his audience to start running Facebook ads as a result of viewers’ shift to non-TV channels.


Because (according to Gary) they are massively undervalued.

He’s right.

TV is Dead…Just No One Knows It Yet

You know what makes me laugh? When I hear people complain that Facebook ads are expensive.

Expensive? Are you serious?

Consider this for a moment…

This year (February, 2018) a 30-second Super Bowl ad cost approximately $5,000,000 (million) dollars. 103.4 million people watched the game. It would be generous to say half that watched the commercials. So being generous? 50 million watched the commercials. (I know I was in the kitchen wolfing down onion dip but that’s me…)

On Facebook I can routinely run video ads that cost 1 CENT per view.

1 penny. Sometimes I can get the cost down to .005 cents per view.

At 1 cent I can reach 5 HUNDRED (500) MILLION people for the same ad spend. But I’m not done. Consider that if my ad has good engagement my costs go even further down and could be shown to as many as TWICE that amount for the same cost…

That’s 1 billion people.

Still not done…because I’m not limited to a 30 second clip. My video can be as long as an hour or more…for the same penny.

Oh…and I can retarget every viewer that watched my video ad and show them future ads whenever I want and my conversions go through the roof because they have already seen me (brand awareness).

“But Facebook ads are expensive.”

TV is Dead Because They Can No Longer Compete

Social Media has become so routine in our daily lives that the average person has no friggin’ clue what opportunity lies before us. It has taken me way too long as it is…but I do now.

Because you’re reading this, YOU need to understand what kind of potential leverage you could benefit from. As Gary Vee says so often, “social media and this (holds up a smartphone) has leveled the playing field. Anyone can win if they’re willing to put in the work.”

Are you paying attention?

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