Trickle Down Ken-o-Nomics and the Ronald Reagan Scammer

May 3, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

So Ronald Reagan and I were having lunch one day back in 1982…

Ronny leans in to me to make sure no else was hearing (we were in his house alone so I think he was already losing it) and says to me:

“Ken…weeelll, I have a humdinger of an idea for a website on the internet.”

I gave him a puzzled look, certain he HAD lost it, and replied, “Ron, what the hell is the ‘internet’?”

“Don’t worry…me and an investor friend of mine, Dark Goldberg, will fill you in later, he says to me calmly. But it’ll be called ‘Facebook’ and all sorts of wannabe marketers will put ads up showing unsuspecting customers that you can make money by doing nothing.”

He continued, “Kinda like MLM, where people below you get money without doing anything. It’ll be fantastic!” he snorted…almost laughing.

All of the sudden my mind was spinning. “Brilliant Ron!!…I love this idea!” I shouted in excitement. “But what do we call it??”

“Trickle Down Ken-o Nomics!” he says.

There Was Just One Problem...

Well…a couple bottles of wine and a few bags of Jelly Bellys later, the idea died in the room that day. I think Ronny had to go nap and all was forgotten.

Fast forward 35 years later, and Ron’s grand plan is thriving…

‘Join our matrix today! No recruiting or work! 9K by next week!!’

‘Rolling out the grand ad pack humdoodly doo! Millionaires will be made…by next Tuesday so don’t miss out!’

Whoda thunk it??


I knew Ronald meant well, but now I and many of my contemporaries are roaming the country-side (on horseback…I borrowed some ponies from Ron) trying to spread the gospel truth of working online. We shout it from the rooftops…

“Uh…you DO realize that you’re going to actually have to do some *clears throat*…work, right!!??”


The shock!!

The horror!!!

Some people hear us. Others just give us the finger and join another done-for-you ‘system’.

At night after our long ride around the campfire, we share our stories and all agree at the end…

‘There’s never been a better time to do business…but it IS business…and it IS work…always will be.’

P.S. Ron did have another great idea…a phone with a camera on it. I said, “like a Polaroid camera?? Yes, great idea!!”

I’m working on that in his memory. More on that later...