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Copelands of New Orleans in Southlake, A Bittersweet Adieu

So there you are, after a grueling Monday that dragged on like an Oscar acceptance speech. Your boss? Insufferable. Your car? Stuck in traffic, with the air-conditioning on strike. Your dinner plans? More uninspired than a paper airplane assembly line.

You’re in dire need of a culinary Hail Mary, a way to rescue the day from the depths of mundane melancholy. And there, like a shining beacon of hope in your weary periphery, you see it: Copeland’s in Southlake.

Ah, an oasis of Creole-Cajun delight, nestled conveniently in the heartland of Texas, where the gumbo is a symphony in a bowl and the beignets could make even the snarkiest cynic believe in dessert again. So, buckle up, my friend, as we dive headfirst into this haven of Southern hospitality, and trust me, you’ll want to pay close attention – because here’s what you need to keep an eye out for.

UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom to read that Copeland’s has pulled out of its Southlake location. But, the restaurant is still open…

The patio at Copeland's in Southlake - Kenneth Holland

Inside the Hilton Hotel

If you’ve ever dreamed of a charming dining getaway that’s tucked away inside an equally charming hotel, then you’re in for a treat. Imagine the convenience of stumbling out of your plush Hilton bed, padding down in your slippers, and landing smack-dab in the middle of a Cajun culinary wonderland. It’s like stepping into a teleporter and ending up in the heart of New Orleans. Yes, we’re talking “one elevator ride from Beignets” level of convenience, and if that doesn’t put a spring in your step, we don’t know what will.

The Sizzle and Spice of Copeland’s Ambiance

A trip to Copeland’s location in the Southlake Town Square is like stepping into a Mardi Gras parade, minus the crowds, plus a whole lot of comfortable seating. The decor? Picture a touch of ritzy plantation style charm, with a side of whimsical gator motifs, because let’s face it, we’re not here to take things too seriously. You’ll feel like a high roller in a down-to-earth kind of way, like if James Bond swapped his Aston Martin for a Ford pickup.

Illuminate Your Evening at the Lit Up Bar Top

If you’ve ever wanted your cocktail to come with a side of disco, the lit-up bar top at Copeland’s is where it’s at. This isn’t your grandma’s bar counter, unless your grandma was into mood lighting and cocktails that sparkle brighter than her vintage disco ball. Think of it as the northern lights, but for your drinking pleasure.

The back bar at Copeland's in Southlake - Kenneth Holland

Chill Out with the Frozen Bar Counter

Next up is the frosty allure of the frozen bar counter. Imagine a place where your beer stays cold, your elbows stay cool, and the atmosphere stays as chilled as a polar bear’s picnic. It’s like the winter wonderland of the bar world, minus the snow shovels and frozen toes.

Flavor Fest: Copeland’s Cajun Food

Onto the real reason we’re all here, the great food itself. At Copeland’s, Cajun isn’t just a cuisine, it’s an art form. Every dish is a flavorful fusion of tradition and innovation, a symphony conducted by a jazz-loving maestro with a penchant for cayenne pepper.

The Crab Cakes: A Seafood Serenade

Ah, the crab cakes. These little gems are the Beyoncé of Copeland’s menu – talented, full of flavor, and demanding of your full attention. One bite and you’ll be singing the praises of the chef who turned a humble crustacean into such an elegant indulgence.

Fly High with the Famous Jazzy Wings

In the world of chicken wings, the Jazzy Wings at Copeland’s are the equivalent of a solo by Louis Armstrong. They’re the headlining act, the show-stopper, the “I’ll have another order, please” superstar of the menu. You won’t just want to nibble on these wings; you’ll want to savor every single note of flavor.

Copeland's Jazzy Wings - Kenneth Holland

Copeland’s Jazzy Wings – Kenneth Holland

The Heartbreak: The Crawfish Bread is Gone

Now, we need to address the elephant in the room, or rather, the crawfish bread that’s no longer on the plate. Yes, it’s true, the legendary crawfish bread is no more. It’s like the Beatles breaking up all over again. But don’t fret, the memory lives on in our hearts, and in the phenomenal array of dishes still available.

Cheers to Happy Hour

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about Happy Hour. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, half-priced well drinks kind of deal. This is Copeland’s Happy Hour, a time when the cocktails are as vibrant as a New Orleans street party and the prices are as comforting as your favorite jazz tune. So grab a stool, raise a glass, and let the good times roll.

A Patio with a Hilton Twist

Alright, let’s get this straight – Copeland’s patio isn’t just any old patio. It’s like the Rolls Royce of patios, the ‘Louboutin’ of outdoor dining spaces. Perched right at the Hilton front, this spacious haven of relaxation is just as much a part of the Hilton experience as the free complimentary mints on your pillow.

One step onto this sprawling alfresco dining arena and you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to a sun-dappled French Quarter courtyard. Except, instead of being surrounded by jazzy buskers and caricature artists, you’ve got the comfort of being right outside one of Southlake’s most prestigious hotels. It’s like having a little slice of New Orleans right outside your Hilton room. How’s that for room service?

Bountiful Bivalves at the Oyster Bar

And now, let’s raise a shell to Copeland’s Oyster Bar. Here, they treat oysters like the pearls they are, handling each one with the respect and attention it deserves. Each little mollusk is a briny bite of ocean bliss, like taking a sip of the sea without having to deal with the pesky sand in your shorts.

The Oyster Bar at Copeland’s is a seafoodies’ Shangri-La, where the mollusks are always plump, the shells are always polished, and the lemon wedges are always, well, lemony. Whether you like your oysters raw, fried, or Rockefeller’d, this is your one-stop shop for all things bivalve. It’s like having the world’s finest oyster buffet at your fingertips – without having to wade into the chilly waters yourself.

So grab a shell, squeeze a lemon, takeout, and dive into the deep end of delicious at Copeland’s Oyster Bar. You’ll feel like Poseidon on a foodie adventure, minus the trident and the pesky Kraken.

The Oyster Bar at Copeland's at Southlake - Kenneth Holland

The Brunch Buffet: A Farewell to Mimosas

Now, before we proceed, let’s take a moment of silence. Our beloved Brunch Buffet at Copeland’s, a culinary utopia of Eggs Benedict, waffles drowning in maple syrup, and an array of pastries that could make a Parisian bakery blush, is no more. The news hits harder than realizing you’re out of coffee on a Monday morning. The silver lining? You won’t have to struggle with the tough decision of pancakes versus shrimp and grits anymore.

But before you drown your sorrow in a tub of buttery grits, remember the countless other mouthwatering breakfast options Copeland’s has to offer. There’s no need for the brunchtime blues, because you can still order a la carte and customize your midday feast to your heart’s desire. It’s like having the freedom to build your dream home, but instead of walls and windows, you’re working with hash browns and hollandaise.

Yes, it’s tough to bid adieu to our beloved buffet, but like the last season of a hit TV show, all good things must come to an end. But fear not, brunch enthusiasts! You can still get your Sunday fill of Creole classics and bottomless mimosas, just with a little less buffet and a little more finesse. After all, you’re at Copeland’s – where every brunch plate is a chance to feast like the king or queen you truly are.

UPDATE: Copeland’s Checks Out, But the Show Goes On

Well, isn’t this a plot twist worthy of a daytime soap opera? Brace yourselves, folks: Copeland’s has folded its culinary cards and stepped away from the poker game. Yes, you heard it right, our beloved Cajun hotspot has decided to pack up its jazzy wings and saucy dishes, and hit the road. But, hold your horses before you start penning your tearful goodbye letters.

Because here’s the kicker – the restaurant is still open. That’s right, like a phoenix rising from the spicy Cajun ashes, the establishment is up and running, ready to fill your belly with all sorts of goodness. Sure, the sign might read differently, but the spirit of Southern hospitality is still alive and kicking. It’s like your favorite band changing its lead singer but still pumping out killer tunes.

The front bar at Copeland's Southlake - Kenneth Holland

Suspense is on the Menu: Stay Tuned for the New Name

Yes, the suspense is thicker than their famous gumbo right now, but that’s all part of the fun. The new name is currently shrouded in as much mystery as a Sherlock Holmes novel, and we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting for the big reveal date. But rest assured, the moment the new moniker graces the restaurant’s front, we’ll be right there with the scoop.

So keep your fork and your expectations ready, because the amazing story of this Southlake restaurant favorite is far from over. As they say in the world of Cajun cuisine, Laissez les bon temps rouler! Or, in the world of snarky food bloggers, let’s sit back, enjoy the ride, and wait for the next delicious chapter to unfold.

[All Photos: Kenneth Holland except noted otherwise]

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