Are You Chasing Train Wrecks in Your Business?

Are You Chasing Train Wrecks in Your Business?


Are You Chasing Train Wrecks in Your Business? - Kenneth HollandIt has happened to all of us.

You’re out and about…enjoying your night with friends.

You meet someone. They’re great looking. Witty and funny. (Seemingly) self-assured.

But then it starts to come out.

The more you talk to them, the more the ‘real’ them emerges.

And you start to hear the whistle.

Are You Chasing Train Wrecks in Your Business? [VIDEO]

I remember one such example. Met a great gal. All the great attributes above…and I thought “wow…she’s different!”

Oh…she WAS alright.

“Looooove tequila.” she proclaimed proudly. Then it was “I’m wildly insane!” The more I talked to her the more the craziness reared its ugly (beautiful?) head.

I will spare you any more details other than to say there were kids, ex boyfriends (and girlfriends) and all manner of crazy behavior (“no no…none of the those 87 parking tickets were my fault at all!”).

Now…this was before social media, mind you (now…none of us have an excuse), but that doesn’t seem to matter.

I think you get where I’m going here.

10 Toxic People You Should Avoid at All Costs (according to TalentSmart):

1. The Gossip

Gossipers derive pleasure from other people’s misfortunes. It might be fun to peer into somebody else’s personal or professional faux pas at first, but over time, it gets tiring, makes you feel gross, and hurts other people.

2. The Temperamental

Some people have absolutely no control over their emotions. They will lash out at you and project their feelings onto you, all the while thinking that you’re the one causing their malaise.

3. The Victim

Victims are tough to identify because you initially empathize with their problems. But as time passes, you begin to realize that their “time of need” is all the time. Victims actively push away any personal responsibility by making every speed bump they encounter into an uncrossable mountain.

4. The Self-Absorbed

Self-absorbed people bring you down through the impassionate distance they maintain from other people. You can usually tell when you’re hanging around self-absorbed people because you start to feel completely alone.

5. The Envious

To envious people, the grass is always greener somewhere else. Even when something great happens to envious people, they don’t derive any satisfaction from it. This is because they measure their fortune against the world’s when they should be deriving their satisfaction from within.

6. The Manipulator

Manipulators suck time and energy out of your life under the façade of friendship. They can be tricky to deal with because they treat you like a friend. They know what you like, what makes you happy, and what you think is funny, but the difference is that they use this information as part of a hidden agenda.

7. The Dementor

Dementors suck the life out of the room by imposing their negativity and pessimism upon everyone they encounter. Their viewpoints are always glass half empty, and they can inject fear and concern into even the most benign situations.

8. The Twisted

There are certain toxic people who have bad intentions, deriving deep satisfaction from the pain and misery of others.

9. The Judgmental

Judgmental people are quick to tell you exactly what is and isn’t cool. They have a way of taking the thing you’re most passionate about and making you feel terrible about it.

10. The Arrogant

Arrogant people are a waste of your time because they see everything you do as a personal challenge. Arrogance is false confidence, and it always masks major insecurities.

One of the nice things about getting older is (hopefully) gaining some wisdom, hearing the whistle and learning to spot what I call ‘train wrecks’.

(Ladies…rest assured, I realize that there are just as many cracky men as well so this absolutely goes both ways.)

This Same Phenomenon Happens in Business Too

You can be dealing with a prospect and they run you around…waste your time, blow off your appointment.

Not just relegated to prospects.

There plenty of aspiring online marketers that are complete flakes. Or they’re just plain jerks.

See…really successful people don’t spend their days dealing with train wrecks…with flakes…with people who are unhinged.

The world is full of them: People who will waste your time, run you around and treat you with zero respect.

Learning to spot them is an acquired skill…but a necessary one.

So you need to ask yourself, are you watching train wrecks…or chasing them.

Hopefully…it’s neither.

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