How to Deal With Tire Kickers and Conspiracy Theorists

May 19, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'I’m here to lay down a little reality check for the lazy tire kickers who claim that just about every internet marketing training is a scam sent from the CIA...'

If you want to play in the internet marketing game for the long haul, you’re going to need to know how to deal with tire kickers.

They’re kinda like conspiracy theorists…they run with the mantra ‘The Truth is Out There…’

“The Kennedy Assassination was a cover-up!”

“9-11 was an inside job!”

“The government is gassing us with all those chemtrails!”

Internet marketing is a scam!!!”

Now I don’t know if Oswald was hired by the Russians. (However, I do know that chemtrails are actually CONTRAILS. So let’s relax a little…you’re not being fed marshmallow poison).

And I’m not here to debate if Tim Robbins in ‘War of the Worlds’ was a kook (he was)…I’m here to lay down a little reality check for the lazy tire kickers who claim that just about every internet marketing training is a hoodwink wrapped in a UFO tortilla.

Dealing with Tire Kickers Means Never Having to Say...Anything...

Let’s first be clear what a tire kicker is:

Someone who appears to be interested in buying something and asks a lot of questions but does not buy anything. – Cambridge Dictionary

Now in the case of the ‘potential online customer’ they take it to another level…and this is typically what happens:

  • They ask a few questions and then grumble under their breath why it isn’t free.
  • They ask if they can pay you for the training after they’ve made money (oh, and they will make money...).
  • They then ask if you can just do the work for them, get their business off the ground, then hand the business over to them…because, you know, you need to prove your self to them (yes, yours droolie has actually been asked this).
  • They then say ‘Oh I don’t have any money for this…’ (while waving their new iPhone around in the air like a popsicle at a carnival).
  • They call you a scammer and start calling you out to their 17 followers on Twitter.
  • So here’s what to do…

    For the Conspiracy Theorists:

    Give them the platinum bonus edition of ‘JFK’ and change your phone number and email...

    For the Tire Kickers:


    Tire kickers are not ready to be serious…about ANYTHING.

    Now, if you fancy a business you can work from home and/or the road (like I do) and make decent money (enough to actually live on...unlike that crap job you have) then start by doing this:

    - Learn all you can about affiliate marketing by starting here.

    - Learn how to send emails consistently.

    - Learn how to write...and start writing...every day.

    - Learn how to be consistent (Helpful Hint: Train yourself to put in the work on the days when you don't feel like it. This may be the single biggest breakthrough I had in all my years of marketing)

    - Know going in that most people won't support you (and it's really ok). (NOTE: This is normal. Most in your inner circle want you to stay where they are...which is typically nowhere. Most don't even know they're doing it...don't take it personally. Keep your head down. The ones who DO know they're sabotaging know what to do.

    - Know that it will take time....probably longer than you think. It will be MORE than worth me.

    If some (or all) of this sounds difficult, it can be. It depends on two things: Your attitude and how bad you want it.

    There are no shortcuts. None. At least not in the scammy type "you don't have to do anything' manner that gets tossed around online.

    Be one of the ones who gets it...and your life will change.

    Don't...and remain with the masses.