"...this kinda s#!@ here sells itself."

“…this kinda s#!@ here sells itself.”


sells-itself“What else are you selling?”

“All kinds of s#@!. But I don’t have to sell this and you know it, ’cause this kind of s#@! here sells itself.”

Oh yeah Jackson.

You ever see the movie, ‘Heat’, with Robert DiNiro and Al Pacino?

Do yourself a favor…if not, go rent it and watch it.

The bank shootout scene is one of the best ever.


So the dialogue above is a detective in the flick telling the girlfriend (Ashley Judd) of one of the robbers (Val Kilmer) that she better give him up or the police will take her infant child.

Hence the line, ‘…this kinda s#@! sells itself.’

She has no choice but to protect her kid and lure her criminal boyfriend to the police.

It’s an easy ‘sale’ for the detective.

See, when you have something of true value that is also in demand, you have an asset that truly ‘sells itself’.

Yes…it’s an example based on criminal behavior, but the concepts are the same: If you are presented with a serious problem that needs to be solved…a ‘pain’ point that has to be cured, you’ll go to great lengths to cure it.

No begging or convincing involved.

(something you’re going to learn more about as we move forward as long as you read my emails)

I present people with answers to address their pain.

The pain of not having enough money.

Simple really.

The ones who see the true power in something good buy and execute, and the ones who don’t…the ones who make excuses for why they don’t get anywhere…


Dean’s Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret sells itself.

And it will help you tremendously if you use it.

So the decision is yours to make.

And if you decide you want to move forward in your internet marketing business and you want in, you have just a few hours left.

Then it’s gone baby…gone.

Don’t let it be just another dog day afternoon…

…you know by now what to do.

Clock’s ticking:

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Kenneth Holland

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