September 21

Think Blogging is Not Important??

blogEvery day when I’m on Facebook I see tons of would-be online marketers who think they have this business figured out…

…by blasting their ‘here’s your 6 grand by dinner-time just by clicking this link mega-matrix we’re different than everybody else blah blah do no work….’

‘Enough Ken!! I get it!!’

You better.

Kenster’s trying to look out for ya is all.

What do you think some of the most successful online marketers do?

You think they post stuff like that online?

Make no mistake, they HAVE sales letters that sell stuff…and sell it well.

But they BLOG to build their brand:

“99.9% of great bloggers are not awesome on day
1. Their awesomeness is the accumulation of the
value they create over time.” – Darren Rowse

“(Superheroes) can disappear for months or
years and then burst back onto the scene
with a climactic display of their impressive powers.
Okay for superheroes, not okay for your content.
It might feel boring and constraining, but publishing
consistently brings results.” – Amy Harrison

“People often ask me how am I able to write
several blog posts in a day? My reply is simple:
I stay in the zone. I eliminate all distractions and
just write.” – Syed Balkhi

“Way too many bloggers think making money
from blogging is like the movie Field of Dreams,
where Kevin Costner’s character was told, ‘If you
build it, they will come.’ You can build it, but if
nobody knows about it, then they’re not coming!”
– John Chow

“No one cares about your blog unless you are
adding value to their lives in some way.”
– Jonathan Milligan

A blog is a great way to figure out what you want
to do with yourself because writing regularly is a
path to self-discovery.” – Penelope Trunk

“If you approach (blogging) having a me me me
attitude you will fail miserably.” – Adrienne Smith

“It only takes one amazing post to push your blog
past the tipping point.” – Matt Wolfe

“Blogging success can’t be duplicated… it’s as
individual as the bloggers themselves. Discover
what your readers love and capitalize on it.”
– Jennifer – The Deliberate Mom

“(If) you want to be a professional blogger, you
need to treat your blog like a business. The first
thing you do when you start a business is have
a business plan.” – Harleena Singh

“One of the great ways to improve your blog
is to be confident with what you are doing.
Have confidence in yourself, and that will shine
through in your site.” – Catherine Holt

“Your focus needs to be on value and ensuring
that your readers get something out of your
content, whether you are teaching your readers
something or entertaining them.” – Adam Connell

“Something that a lot of bloggers and online
marketers forget is that 80% to 90% of your
readers are straight up beginners.”
– Ramsay Taplin

“Some people have a notion in their head that
running a successful blog isn’t a lot of work,
that it just means writing a post here and there,
publishing it and sitting back as the money flows in.
It’s a lot more than that though.” – Peter Anderson

Some of the big movers and shakers right here.

You gonna follow them or some hack that snaps a photo of a stack of 20 dollar bills (‘thanks Uncle Henry for loaning me those bills for an hour’) claiming he’s killing it?

About all someone like that is killing is a bag of Cheetos.



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