The No-Holds-Barred Truth on Building Your Online Business

The No-Holds-Barred Truth on Building Your Online Business


The No-Holds-Barred Truth on Building Your Online BusinessOk folks. I got nothing witty today.

Well…I do, but I decided after having a conversation with someone severely misled about the truth of online marketing, I needed to address this issue with as much brevity as possible.

This could easily be a 5,000 word post, but screw that. Let’s get to what you need to know:

A lot of beginners in the home-based biz field are being fed shit.

The reason is many are being ‘taught’ that you can build a business online with no investment…aka…no money.

This is wrong.

You Cannot Build an Online Business for Free and I’m Going to Tell You Why…

Firstly, here’s The 3 main ways to get ‘F.REE’ traffic and customers online:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
2. Social Media
3. Bug your family and friends on Social Media

Now I’m going to tell you why these DO NOT work on their own long-term:

First #3

This is not a business model. Not for the average Joe. For Joel Osteen, sure. If this offends you, this article isn’t for you. God Bless.


For those who don’t know what this, I want you to Google it. But here’s MY quick description: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is practice of optimizing your content (text or video) to get found on search engines, such as Google.

SEO has been around pretty much since the beginning of the internet. It used to be MUCH easier to get found online for various search terms so you can benefit from the traffic you receive. To say it’s MUCH more difficult now is a massive understatement.

The reason you cannot rely on SEO really comes down to 2 issues:

1. Ranking for Your Keywords is a Crapshoot

Google is NEVER going to tell you what you need to rank. This has been their policy from day 1 (for obvious reasons). So it’s never predictable, period.

2. You Can Lose Rankings at a Moments Notice

Google is notorious for adjusting their ranking algorithm (just Google THAT and you’ll have bathroom reading for a year). You can be riding high for a keyphrase and getting traffic and the next month….poof!

Deranked baby!

Think this never happens? Google this too…

Bullshit Companies…

There are (unfortunately) many ‘programs’ online that basically tell you to put up a website, do some SEO tweaks, and you’ll have visitors and customers flooding in.

One fairly well-known company among the ‘pipe-dream’ set (aka the do-nothings) even says ‘you’ll get an abundance of relevant customers’ after putting your website up.

This is misinformation at best…but really it’s outright dishonesty.

I’ve done SEO for 15 years…

You CANNOT rely on SEO to build or scale a business online, period.

Social Media: What About Viral Ken? It’s All About Viral Now HaHa!

Really? You gonna rely on some piece of content going viral consistently? Good luck with that. You think Facebook (the biggest viral site ever) doesn’t spend money to grow their business?? Ya…go Google that too pal.

As You Might Have Guessed By Now I’m Not in the Exception Game

Just to get this out of the way so I don’t need to keep answering it, *exhales*…….sure there are cases where someone somewhere started a business and it caught on virally and there was no capital investment.

If this is the route you insist on going down let me give you a great resource to help you down that path:


(I’ve already been told the link above is not working. I’ll get ‘right on that’ to fix it soon.)

No-Cost Business Building Methods Can be Very Effective IF…

Having said all of the above, SEO (and other no-cost traffic methods) can be a solid long-term strategy to get more exposure, build your brand and get traffic.  In fact, I employ it in my business every single day.  But it should never be relied upon to give you the consistent traffic and sales you need.

If you’re just starting out, using free methods is a good first step.  But know that it will be slow going. And as I’m fond of saying, if anyone says you can make big money starting out by putting up a blog and posting links on social media, they are LYING.

So How Do I Get Traffic and Customers Consistently?

I’m not going to sugarcoat this answer:  You have to start advertising.  There’s no way around it. Now if that breaks you out in a sweat, relax. There are plenty of sources online where you can get started for a few dollars a day, Facebook being a great example.

Start small, learn what you are doing, and grow.  Learn to spend $1.00 and get $2.00 back. IF you learn to do this effectively and consistently, you’ll never have to work for someone else ever again. Seriously.

‘I Don’t Want to Spend Any Money on My Business…What Can I Do?’

Do something else.  Seriously.  Because in this case it’s not a business…it’s a hobby.  If you want to treat your ‘online business’ as a hobby (which is perfectly fine), great.  Just know that you’ll never be able to grow it like a real business.  Just being blunt and straight with you here.

This is as succinct as I can be on this subject.  If you need to know more, then email me or grab one of my blueprints.

Have a great Friday.

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