The Long Game and the Short Sight

March 15, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'Too many fail in their quest for success because they do not start with realistic expectations and refuse to play the long game...'

The internet is an interesting beast.

Everyone online seems consumed with ‘getting theirs’…and getting it now.

Especially the younger generation. But this is hardly anything new.

But here’s a problem that I notice:

I’m constantly seeing people jumping from opportunity to opportunity. They ‘try’ something…it doesn’t work in 6 weeks (or even three weeks) and they’re off to something else.

In some of my conversations I’ve actually had people tell me “this is the way it works now”.

Is that so?

Did you know that the average starting salary for a college graduate (as of 2019) is about 50K?

That works out to $4,166 a month. That’s after 4 years (if yer not slackin’) of college.

Prepare for the long game…or you’ll get cut short

Not the education (although I could argue that point as well) but the reliance on such a bad investment.

So when someone gripes to me that they haven’t made 5K a month in their online business after their 3rd month I shake my head.

My answer? “But you’ll go to college for 4 years, spend $120,000 grand (while taking DECADES to pay off that student loan), make ZILCH during that time then when you’re done you hope to make 50K a year working for someone else.”

“Yet this ‘online thing’ doesn’t work.” you say to me?

Failure has a long memory...lack of patience even longer...

I’ve seen people start their online business, run it in their spare time and they started making between 3-4,000 dollars by month 6.

Did they have to work hard? They sure did.

Yet so many demand ‘I need 3 thousand this month…now!’ .

What if it took you 4 years to reach 4-5K a month part-time in your own business…part-time?

Would you still commit to it?

It’s stunning to me how many say “that's a long time”.

And short-sighted.

So many don’t achieve success in their home business (or anything) because they do not start with realistic expectations.

Here’s the undisputed truth: Success takes time. It’s always been this way and will always be this way.