The Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret: Dirty, Slimy Pants and This…

March 4, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'The dirty affiliate marketing secret is paved with hype, hacks and shortcuts. But it’s really about dirty pants and plumbers tape…'

Back when lil’ Kenster was 7 or 8 I had this pair of jeans.

Now, when I say ‘this’ I mean ONLY.

As in they were the only pair jeans I would wear…kinda like the Little Rascals…or Fonzie. They wore the same garb in every episode….and I wore the same pants in every dirthole.

And since I insisted on wearing them incessantly they wore to the point where I actually had to start using plumbers tape to hold them together.

(don’t ask me if I washed them…hint: I was a little, male and liked to play in the dirt…you can pretty much connect the dots from there...)

My folks had a pic of me (I looked but couldn’t find the darned thing, I'll have to ask my brother...) standing in the rocks at our little vacation place in the desert (yes, we had a vacation place...) holding a hammer…wearing those worn-out (stunky?) taped up Levi's…of course with no shirt on.

(Oh, I was sexy...but you already knew that...)

The Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret is NO Secret

Here’s the thing: I wouldn’t wear any other pair of pants. At least I tried not to…(I think my Mom stepped in and made the occasional executive 7-year old clothing decisions if my memory serves...)

But alas, these were the only pants that mattered…and I stunk…eh…stuck with those jeans through thick and thin!

You could take the term ‘thick and thin’ here and imagine all things ‘little snotty-dirty-boy’ but you cannot deny that there is real power in consistency.

Successful Online Entrepreneurs (Successful Anything) Make Sure One Thing is in Place, Smelly Trousers or Not...

However you define ‘success’ (in the affiliate marketing arena or otherwise) is different for everyone. But, I’ve never met, seen or bought beers for a successful person who wasn’t consistent.

In a world where the masses seem to believe the money…the wealth…is in ‘the trick’, the ones actually making it are just employing simple, consistent actions day in…and day out.

Don’t believe me?

Pull your pants up... 

...look at your results…then decide.