The customer is always right...except when they're clueless

The customer is always right…except when they’re clueless

soup-nazi“You must not be very smart!”

That was what the customer shot at me when I worked for a mail order catalog about 20 years ago.

So this tool is trying to order something, and I tell him the item is out of stock and is back-ordered.

That wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

“Maybe you ought to go check in the back if you can even find the back.” he offered.

“I have checked,” I said…barely being able to keep my composure. I knew I had to…because my boss demanded I put up with whatever treatment came my way.

You know why?? To get the sale.

I think you can see where this ended…he berated me a bit more and then my boss had to intervene and ‘finish’ the order.

Which was nothing. The guy didn’t buy squat.

(Sidebar: My boss was a class A jerk as well but that’s another story)


We’ve all heard the term ‘the customer is always right.’ According the interwebs, it was coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge, a store owner in London.

Harry and his employees must have a lot of shoe marks on their face…

…from getting walked on.

Lookie here…I don’t care what anyone says…

Your prospect or customer NEVER has the right to disrespect you, be abusive towards you, rude to you…or just be an overall asshole to you.

People can be difficult, yes. But in our game (internet and network marketing) YOU likely have the solution to their problems…if they’re ready to make a change. They can simply say ‘no’ if they’re not, and move on.

But if their agenda is to solely give you grief (they’re out there)…

you now have Kenster’s permission to figuratively give them the boot…and show them the door.


Here’s the good news:

Most people are decent human beings (don’t believe everything you hear on the news) so this kind of thing really doesn’t happen much.


Be prepared for this to occur at some point if you do this long enough. Because it WILL happen.

And NEVER…and I mean NEVER beg for a sale or a signup.

Any kind of sales/marketing is a sorting game. Move swiftly past the ‘no’s…and especially the ‘I hate my life and am going to take it out on you’ dream stealers.

It ain’t about you.

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