"Thank you for telling me the truth"

“Thank you for telling me the truth”


Thank you for telling me the truthIt’s a movie scene that frankly gives me goose bumps and chokes me up every time I watch it.

“Thank you for telling me the truth.”

“You deserve it.” replied Dr. Chandra.

This is a stellar scene in the movie ‘2010: The Year We Make Contact’.

In the scene the astronaut, Dr. Chandra, is trying to get the super intelligent computer Hal 9000 to NOT stop the crew ship’s countdown to fire their engines and escape certain obliteration from an exploding planet.

But Hal isn’t being told everything about why they want to leave.

And Hal wants to know the truth.

Here’s the exchange between Dr. Chandra and Hal:


Hal: “Dr. Chandra, I find it difficult to proceed with the ignition without knowing why we are doing this. Is the mission in jeopardy?”

Dr. Chandra (after a scared pause): “Yes….we’re in jeopardy.”

Hal: “Is that why we are making our escape launch before the launch window?”

Dr. Chandra: “Yes, Hal.”

Hal: “If there is danger here, and I use up all the fuel in the escape, what will happen to the discovery [the ship Hal ‘lives’ in]??”

Dr. Chandra: “It could be destroyed.”

Hal: “And if I don’t proceed with the launch?”

Dr. Chandra: “The Leonov [the ship the astronauts are planning to escape in] could be destroyed.”

*A long, tense pause follows…and then…*

Hal: “I understand now Dr. Chandra.”

Dr. Chandra: “Do you want me to stay with you?”

Hal: “No. It is better for the mission if you leave.”

Hal: “Thank you for telling me the truth.”

Dr. Chandra: “You deserve it.”


Pull this up on Youtube and watch this.


Having the ethics or just flat out courage to tell the truth can be daunting.

But it’s the right thing to do.

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