Tales from the Crypto, The 'Big' Burger & More - The Week in Review

Tales from the Crypto, The ‘Big’ Burger & More – The Week in Review


Tales from the Crypto - The Week in Review - Kenneth HollandLet me just give you a quick list of what we’ll cover today…because it’s a doozy…

– Amazon, Uber and the Antichrist

– Train Crashes

– Juicy Ribs

– Crypto Disasters

– Tubes Where They Don’t Belong

– Big Freaking Cheeseburgers

Sounds like the next Vin Diesel movie…or a Dodge commercial. Same thing, right?

The ‘Big’ Burger, Tales from the Crypto & More – The Week in Review [VIDEO]

How Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are Out to Destroy You…

Have you noticed that the above behemoths (another word I try to utilize whenever possible) crash your computer, steal all your personal information…and take your bankie whenever you visit their website (s)? Me neither. Ok, they don’t do this at all! (My attorney said I need to make sure you knew this was a joke…*sigh*) Buuuuuuttttt, the retail landscape IS changing and you best pay attention…seriously. Brick and mortar is going the way of the teletubby and those who prepare themselves (Hint: start their own biz) are the winners. No..not everyone gets a frickin’ ribbon…

Are You Chasing Train Wrecks in Your Business?

Her name was Wanda. Met her at ‘Barelydressed-Scampilinas’ Men’s club. She was worthy of bringing her home to Mom (uh…well my Mom said we needed to buy her some clothes and get her the hell out after). Lookie here…the world is full of people who are…shall we say ‘bat-sh** crazy’ (Male and Female) and it’s that way in business too. Spend too much (any) time around these vibe-suckers and…well…you got no vibe left (and probably not a business either).

Going to California with a Wing (and a Rib)..in My Mouth [Dot Com Vlog 2]

Someone told me there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes…and higher taxes (I think those are the words…right?). I may not live in The Golden State anymore (I can get a pair of Nikes in a nice shoebox for 98 bucks as opposed to $1,800 in CA) but I periodically make the sojourn there because they still have places by the beach with ribs and chicken served by people who are actually citizens (yep…I just went there…deal with it).

The Cryptocurrency Crash: What We Can Learn Going Forward…

Did I ever tell you I was an extra in an episode of ‘Tales from the Crypt’ in the late 80’s and Iggy Pop was in it? I was. But this isn’t that. This is about computers, money and Nakatomi Plaza (I think that’s his name…).

You’re going to stick that little tube where…???

It was ‘the end of my world as I knew it…’. My doctor’s visit had me in a sweat as I was about to prodded and poked that would make Aunt Matilda’s Easter quilt look like child’s play. But alas my fears were unfounded. It’s a great lesson you can apply to your life and business so check this out. This does not apply to knitting tho…

Attack of The Big Ass Burger (plus Crypto talk) [Dot Com Vlog 3]

Never in my life (or at least the last 3 weeks) has a burger taunted me, ridiculed me and made me feel like I wasn’t a serious eater. Challenge accepted! Now throw in some Bitcoin yabber and you have my Vlog #3 episode…surely to be nominated for an Oscar……Meyer wiener.

That’s a lot to digest. If I had Margarita post and an MRI in there we’d have a drop-dead-drag out raging party. But’s lets not overdo it.

But what you can do is follow me on my social channels. Look over there to the right. They don’t bite…trust me…:)


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