Talent Alone Can Make You a Billionaire...The Great Fallacy

Talent Alone Can Make You a Billionaire…The Great Fallacy

Talent Alone Can Make You a Billionaire - Kenneth Holland

They say talent alone can make you a billionaire…especially if you believe the latest Instagram meme showing your future jet. Here’s why that’s BS…

“Well, ya know…for me, the action IS the juice.”

(from the movie ‘Heat’)

So I’ve noticed a change with people’s attitudes and wealth…

In the past folks would say (about the wealthy) ‘they just got lucky’ or ‘I’m sure they inherited it!!’

I call it the classic ‘jealousy whine’.

But lately I’ve seen a reversal of sorts…especially on social media.

People going on and on about ‘crushing it’…going after that first billion, pictures of your private
jet you’re going to buy on Instagram…

“You can make billions…it ain’t hard…just go be a beast!”

Great. Most of it is garbage…

Talent Alone Can Make You a Billionaire – Until it Doesn’t

So here’s the truth:

Billionaires ARE lucky.

Yep. They lucked the hell out.

Almost NO ONE plans to be a billionaire…and almost NO ONE will become a billionaire, let alone a multi-millionaire.

Sounds kinda negative, ‘don’ it??

Consider this:

There are millions of people who work hard that barely pay their bills.

There are millions that work hard that CAN’T pay their bills.

Reaching the status of ‘billionaire’ (or even a multi-millionaire) can often be attributed to factors out of the control of the person on his/her quest to attain it.

2 examples come to mind:

Billionaire Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team. He made his fortune selling Broadcast.com for over 5 billion during the dot com boom in the early 2000’s. His timing (luck) was perfect.

J.K. Rowling, the author and creator of The Harry Potter series of books and movies made her fortune when Harry Potter became a phenomenon.

(There are countless other examples…these 2 came to mind.)

Are both of these people talented…and did they work hard? Absolutely.

Did they both have a plan in place to make the money they did?


Start Focusing on the ‘Action’, Not the ‘Juice’

My point?

In the case of Cuban and Rowling above, I can assure you that making the money was second to the passion and the process of their pursuits. In other words, they were driven by their work, not the money.

This is often the case with very wealthy people. The ‘juice’ for them is the work….NOT the money.

If you find yourself frustrated in your business because the ‘money isn’t coming’, then examine what your motivations and passions lie. The answer more than likely lies there.

Trust me, if you’re pumped by what you do, and you know you’re in a market where money can be made…the money WILL come.

It’s ALL in the attitude…and mindset.


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