Super Ken's Week in Review

Super Ken’s Week in Review


Super Ken’s Week in ReviewIt’s ‘The Big Game’ today. Apparently I cannot use the word ‘Super Bowl’ because of trademarks, rights, etc…. Maybe I can do some SEO for Roger Goodell in exchange for using the term. I could really help him and I have the first keyphrase I can help him rank for: ‘Stop Pissing Off Your Fans’. That’s gonna take a a lot of link-building…

Anyhoo…let’s get to todays Week in Review…

Questions of the Week…Dirty Uncle Kenster Gets Real With You…

It’s time to take the gloves off. I actually mean I need to take off my gloves….it’s going to be 80 this week in Arizona plus the fact I don’t dust counters. I’ll leave that to Mr. Clean…or someone with OCD who vacuums the carpet three times a day. I’m also going to give you the straight, raw, unpasteurized scoop on Facebook, Crytpocurrency, MLM and how you should email. Bonnie the maid would be proud.

Why you should channel your inner Kardashian online

I had trouble finding this post…until I realized that my notes were obscured with a picture Kim K’s der·ri·ère. In fact, I couldn’t even find my front door… But here’s the thing: Like them or not, there are some major success clues you can take from the ‘Kardashes’ believe it or not. And if you have *gasp* talent…even better.

How my hard drive almost drove me in to ruin…

I still cannot comprehend how little chips and drives can contain entire lives’ worth of data. Is there…like…little men in there shoveling dirt and building forts?? Seriously…what’s ACTUALLY IN THERE?? Whatever…all I know is my shovelers went on strike for a bigger pension and before I could react they were on my couch watching reruns of…you guessed it…The Kardashians take Stockton. It was damn near disaster.

Accountability Groups? What…are we still in Kindergarten??

This one ruffled a few feathers, chafed a few hides and spurred an outcry for Congressional hearings. Accountability is being a good parent, busting your ass in the company you work in, not having 17 beers at dinner. It’s IMPLIED…it’s expected. You don’t need some brain trust to give you the go-ahead. An accountability group for going to the gym? For staying on that diet…or building that new business? Puleeeese! You either really want it…or you do not. You’re either a Lemming…or your William Wallace. It’s your call…

Butts are not a real business…

I have to admit…I was scanning my Instagram feed, and there were quite a few rumps parading as corporations. Some of them have huge followings. But is that really a business? Yes…there are the outliers (see above) but people…let’s get a grip. As soon as a few years pass and gravity takes over they’ll be part of the Boca Raton chapter of Dr. Plasticon ‘therapy’. (Hint: Learn ‘real’ business)

Do you use this excuse?

Let’s cut to the chase: Stop making excuses for why you’re not where you want to be. Really. We got one go-around on this rock and I see a lot of crying. Put away the Kleenex, go to the supermarket and pick up a family pack of ‘Get Off Your Ass’. If you by two packs they’ll give a free subscription to ‘It’s Not Everyone Else’s Fault’.

Final score prediction of today’s game: Tom Brady: 1, The Rest of the World: 0

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