"Start your own online business...just $250 per eye"

“Start your own online business…just $250 per eye”

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“Start your own online business…I’ll only need your corneas for 20 minutes and then I’ll get ’em right back to you…”

“I’ll only need your corneas for 20 minutes and then I’ll get ’em right back to you.”

I’m seeing (and hearing) a ton of these ads now on TV and radio…

You know what I’m talking about. The whole Lasik eye craze.

“Call now! Just $250 per eye while supplies last!”

I know quite a few people who have had their peepers overhauled with this procedure so I’m not arguing that it works. I’m just rather surprised that this method of advertising works for a medical procedure that’s obviously considered sensitive…

But from the amount of ads it IS apparently working.

“Start Your Own Online Business”

This reminds me of all the ‘ads’ I see on Facebook…especially the spammy groups.

An example I just pulled up from .76 seconds of searching:

‘If you could use a extra $300-$500 a week. for spending $18 one time…Would it be worth it?’

Do I get Lasik with this?

Looksee…the difference between this garbage and an eyeball ad is with the eye procedure you’re actually going to get the service you pay for…unless you’re heading down to Chihuahua to see Dr. Juarez for $15.95.

I know some of this advertising still works in the affiliate industry, because there are people out there that make a lot of money selling the hype. However, people are also getting hip to this crap. It doesn’t exactly build one’s brand in the shiniest light plus it puts your online business in the bullseye of cheesy tactics that could ruin you.

So I poseth this question to you:

Would you rather put on your best used-car salesman and channel your inner Vince Shlomi (‘memba the ‘Slap Chop’?) or actually come off like somebody who actually gives a rip and is willing to help other people and get paid to do it?

If you’d rather build a REAL business (ya know…non shamwow style) then click the link below and let’s talk.

Pop on your shades and get the details:


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