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Is it Time to Dump Twitter?


Is it Time to Dump Twitter?Twitter has been around for over ten years.

And yet, it’s still misunderstood by many who have either tried using it, or those who haven’t and just end up giving it a sideways look.

The real-time social network has been under fire for awhile now as it struggles to find any real growth. To add insult to injury, Facebook has now absolutely crushed it in every metric imaginable.

In today’s DOT COM MINUTE, I don’t pull any punches: Should you use (or continue to use) Twitter or not?

How to Get Rid of Social Media Influenza


How to Get Rid of Social Media InfluenzaThank Judas I’ve been able to avoid big globs of snot dripping from my nose.

I’ve avoided the winter cold the past few years (knock on Ferrari bumper) by taking the right vitamins (not the store bought junk) and eating right (with some occasional detours).

And I think that has spilled (pun intended!) over in to my Social Media business and avoided the dreaded ‘influenza’.Continue reading

News Flash: The Pony Express went out of business in 1861


Hey! Myspace is sti…uh never mind…

…to be precise…they ceased operations on October 26th, 1861.

Not many people know why. Would you like to know??

Because they downloaded Facebook and Snapchat on their frickin’ smart phone, that’s why!!!Continue reading

Makes as much sense as a Vegan in a Ruth’s Chris


texan-steakIt was a bit bloody…but a little burnt on the ends…

…and I was shoving it in to my mouth.

Now THAT was a steak!!

*chomp chomp* ‘Mmmmmmmm.’ I’m humming out loud in orgasmic bliss as I wash down the amazing Rib Eye with some epic Cabernet.

Man, my mouth is watering just thinking about that dinner the other night.

But this gal staring at me had other ideas.Continue reading

In Face (book) No One Can Hear You Scream


scream-spaceIt’s cold, dreary and devoid of all oxygen…

…and life.

You wander in the dark hoping someone will hear you…

But no one is listening…and there’s no one to save you.

In the vast, unforgiving coldness of Face (book), you are alone as you yell in vain in the hopes someone will hear your cries for help:

‘HEEEELLLLPPPPP!! PLEASE!!!!! Listen to my offer! Buy my offer!! Where is everyone???!!!

But no one is there.

Actually, they are. But they are not listening.Continue reading