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Suffer From Social Media Phobia? Do This…

Do you suffer from Social Media Phobia? - Kenneth Holland

Do you suffer from Social Media Phobia? If you do, let me give you one key remedy (kinda like a cough syrup) because you’re gonna need it…

It’s the new scourge of the earth and taking down anyone who gets in its way.

It doesn’t discriminate.

It’ll chew you up and spit you out.

It plays with Hot Wheels.

(Ok…I got a little carried away there…)

I’m talking about the dreaded disease, Social Media Phobia.

Let me bold it and put in italics: Social Media Phobia. (Not sure that’ll be any good for SEO)

And if you suffer from this malady, let me give you one key remedy (kinda like a cough syrup).Continue reading

The Patreon Controversy and the Control of your Content [VIDEO]


I have preached incessantly on the importance of controlling your content for years. Maybe that’s simply not possible anymore…

I have preached incessantly on the importance of controlling your content for years and we have yet another example of content creators being cut off at the knees…

Patreon, an online video sharing platform which enables users to solicit donations from viewers for the exclusive viewing of their content, banned popular Patreon video creator Sargon of Akkad for violating their terms of service.Continue reading

The Damage Social Media Prospecting Can Do To Your Business

Social Media Prospecting - Kenneth Holland

How someone decided that Social Media Prospecting is a good thing is beyond me…unless you treat your business like a hobby. Do you want a real business?

“Here’s what the big earners do now…running ads is obsolete.”

And then he proceeded to show me the ins and outs of ‘leveraging your personal Facebook profile for big earnings’.

I lasted 4 days and finally came to my senses. “What the hell am I doing?” I muttered to myself.

This was 4 years ago, and I had just come back to internet marketing after a self-imposed ‘retirement’. I had been gone long enough so when I returned I made the mistake of listening to someone who talked a good game and had a ‘reputation’ (boy…did he I would later find out) of making big money (he didn’t) and that he had ‘cracked the code’ on Facebook.

‘Strike up conversations with people on your Facebook friends list!’ ‘Add new people every day and talk to them too…!!!’

Maybe someone has taught you this method. Maybe you’re doing some form of this now.

Best case scenario: this is NOT a long-term solution. Worst case (more likely): You are hurting your present and future business reputation.Continue reading

Here’s What NOT To Do On Social Media…

learn what NOT to do on social media - Kenneth Holland

Ready to learn what NOT to do on social media and become insanely wealthy and poop Lambos? Don’t do it. That’s right: STOP. How come???

Kylie Jenner is a billionaire.

She attained this almost impossible (and for most…totally needless) goal by being part of a famous family known for being…


And leveraging Social Media.

Good for her…and her family. But they still don’t know how to sell.

And that’s potentially YOUR problem…if you’re wasting your time trying to make sales on Social Media.

If you think that IT will make you rich? I’m here to tell you…it won’t.

Pictures of your ass 7 times a day isn’t a business…even if your bio says ‘Public Figure’ and ‘Business Inquiries’. I don’t care how good the Yoga pants look…. *makes sure my girlfriend isn’t in the room* ok…I DO like them…but you’re still not a business.

At least a sustainable one.Continue reading

4 Reasons to Use Pinterest (other than redesigning your bathroom)

4 reasons to use pinterest for online marketing -

Most people think Pinterest is only for cake recipies and pillow pics. Let me add 4 reasons to use Pinterest to build your online business…

I’ve never been one to bake…or redesign my bathroom…

…although I consume both on an almost daily basis…

(ok…we’ll leave it at that!)


I’ve quickly become a big fan of Pinterest.

Therefore, I’m about to give you 4 reasons to use Pinterest for your online business, but first, a few quick stats on the visual search engine:

> There are over 250 million active users on Pinterest

> 2 million shopping pins are saved PER DAY

> Although 80% of Pinterest users are females, 40% of new signups are men.

> Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram…especially for buying decisions

You can read more stats here.Continue reading

TV is Dead…Long Live…Facebook?

TV is Dead - Kenneth Holland

“Social media and this (holds up a smartphone) has leveled the playing field. Anyone can win if they’re willing to put in the work.” TV is dead.

“My friends…ABC and NBC and CBS are out of business…as we know them. Television, commercial industry is 80 billion dollars. 80 billion dollars this year on making and distributing 30 and 15 second videos that are played in between TV shows…and NOBODY’S watching.”

This is a quote/excerpt from a keynote Gary Vaynerchuk did back in May of this year. In it, he emphatically implored his audience to start running Facebook ads as a result of viewers’ shift to non-TV channels.


Because (according to Gary) they are massively undervalued.

He’s right.Continue reading

Kenster’s Social Media Addiction Secret Formula: Yours for the taking…

social media addiction - Kenneth Holland

Here’s another article comparing Social Media Addiction to cocaine. And, there are little men actually inside our phones making us do things. Want to see?

I am always amused when an article comes out warning the masses that the end of the world is coming…


World War III?

Economic armegeddon?

The banning of bacon???

No, none of those above my smart and impeccably dressed readers.

I am talking about the utter destructiveness of Social Media Addiction.

Continue reading

Instagram Wont Let Me Follow Anyone: This Could Be Why…


Instagram Wont Let Me Follow Anyone: This Could Be Why...“Instagram Wont Let Me Follow Anyone”: I’ve been doing some testing on my Instagram account and found one reason why you may not be able to follow anyone…

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Facebook Bans Cryptocurrency Ads – Do This Instead


Last week Facebook announced they would ban all Cryptocurrency related advertising on their network due to the amount of scams that have piggy-backed on the popularity of Bitcoin and other emerging Cryptocurrencies:Continue reading

How to Get Real Twitter Followers Fast [Tutorial]

Get Real Twitter Followers Fast - Kenneth Holland

How to Get Real Twitter Followers Fast [Tutorial]

Last week I showed you how to set up your Twitter page properly and how often (and what) you should post.

In today’s part 3 of my Twitter training, I will show you how to effectively grow your Twitter following by as much as 4,000 new followers a month.

These are REAL. legitimate targeted followers…not some ‘here buy some followers’ crap.

So let’s dive in.Continue reading