Social Media Addiction & Pin Up Dolls - The Week in Review

Social Media Addiction & Pin Up Dolls – The Week in Review


The younglings laugh at me when I talk about TV remotes and Rotary phones. Then I see them waste their time with selfies. Here’s what they’re missing.

I have to laugh sometimes when I tell the younger whippersnappers that before the Interwebs and smart phones we had push button telephones and before that, rotary phones. They then give me a sideways look like I’m talking gibberish and say “you’re old huh?”

Then I have to cry.

Then they ignore me and start perusing their Snapchat while downloading a song to their 10 Terabyte flash drive.

I am old. But smart enough to edumacate the younglings that they are missing out on a golden goose of opportunity that is Social Media.

Hold off on the selfies for a ‘sec and read the following:

The Week in Review

Kenster’s Social Media Addiction Secret Formula: Yours for the taking…

Yes, the world is over…your whining. Too much of ANYTHING is bound to have an adverse affect at some point (except French Toast…never French Toast). And yet another article warns us that the powers that ‘bee’ are actually testing different social media strategies to get you to use their service more (can you believe the gall of these people?). Let’s have a little personal responsibility people…

TV is Dead…Long Live…Facebook?

As a kid I can still remember my Dad sternly ordering “give me the clicker!” as he sat down in HIS den to watch television with HIS remote control. *click click click* would ring in my ears for hours as he gave the ‘tube a world-class workout. And guess what? People are still clicking on the ‘Tube…as in ‘You’…and the ‘Face’. Memo in case you didn’t get it: TV is finito. Read said memo…

15 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Affiliate Marketing is a great career to be in that offers so many advantages as a ‘lifestyle’ business. The biggest one being you can run it from anywhere that has an internet connection. However, many who first get started in our industry think that it’s easy money. After all, you just sign up for an affiliate program, get your referral links and start posting them all over the internet. Then collect your checks and start sipping your cocktail of choice while you count your cash, right? Wrong. Here are 15 mistakes you better steer clear of.

Love Tweets to Put on Twitter For Affiliate Marketing Domination

Love means never having to say ‘click on my butt selfie!!!!!!!!!’ …but you say it anyway don’t you? It also means never having to use Twitter for free leads…which most do (or don’t). Tell you what: If you’d like to make some pesos with Twitter for the cost of a bagel hole read this.

4 Reasons to Use Pinterest (other than redesigning your bathroom)

Everyone is gaga over Instaboobyass…while those of us in the know (like a secret society and we have our own clubhouse) are using Pinterest to generate biz for our biz. How…do you ask? Well, pull up a stroller and listen up. I’ll even let you in the club’s front door…IF you bring your grand poobah hat.

Founders Plaza at DFW Airport [Dot Com Vlog 11]

Yes, I like to go to parks and watch things. Actually it’s just airplanes landing…and so do a lot of other people, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I also like to show off my crappy editing skills. That’s enough to click this and watch the video right now!

I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet. If I wanted to I’d be able to write the same thing next week. This has nothing to do with this wrap-up. But you can see what I’m all about and what makes me tick here…and why I don’t shop…I’m too busy in my cave of horrors tap tapping away.

See you tomorrow.

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