The Damage Social Media Prospecting Can Do To Your Business

The Damage Social Media Prospecting Can Do To Your Business

Social Media Prospecting - Kenneth Holland

How someone decided that Social Media Prospecting is a good thing is beyond me…unless you treat your business like a hobby. Do you want a real business?

“Here’s what the big earners do now…running ads is obsolete.”

And then he proceeded to show me the ins and outs of ‘leveraging your personal Facebook profile for big earnings’.

I lasted 4 days and finally came to my senses. “What the hell am I doing?” I muttered to myself.

This was 4 years ago, and I had just come back to internet marketing after a self-imposed ‘retirement’. I had been gone long enough so when I returned I made the mistake of listening to someone who talked a good game and had a ‘reputation’ (boy…did he I would later find out) of making big money (he didn’t) and that he had ‘cracked the code’ on Facebook.

‘Strike up conversations with people on your Facebook friends list!’ ‘Add new people every day and talk to them too…!!!’

Maybe someone has taught you this method. Maybe you’re doing some form of this now.

Best case scenario: this is NOT a long-term solution. Worst case (more likely): You are hurting your present and future business reputation.

Social Media Prospecting is a Hobby – Want a Real Business?

Hey, if you enjoy it and are meeting new peeps I’m not going to down that.

But it ain’t a business.

I get bootstrapping. I’ve done it many times myself. But these social media prospecting versions of Amway make you look desperate. Plus, you’re not being honest. Strike up a conversation acting like you care about the person you’re chatting with only to pitch them later?

It’s not only dishonest, it’s against Facebook’s terms of service.

THIS is The Lynchpin of Your Business

Look, at some point you have to realize that to start building a personal brand (a must BTW) you have to start creating content…written, video, voice…whatever. You have to.

If you want to be the faceless business owner who doesn’t want to do any of that…YES…it can be done and it can be VERY lucrative. But be prepared to have a LOT of seed money to build said brand. A LOT.

Most People Don’t Want Employees…I Know I Don’t

My teaching and coaching mainly focuses on the solopreneur business: Someone who wants to build and profit from a business that can truly be run from anywhere with little to ZERO employees and the freedom to move.

To me, it’s the best business model ever.

If you’re ready then I highly recommend you join my Email Insiders Group. I have free daily email teaching plus the opportunity to work closer with me if that’s a route you want to travel.

Either way, you’ll get a ton out of it.

To join up simply fill out one of the forms on this page…see you on the inside.

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