How to Get Rid of Social Media Influenza

February 28, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'Social media influenza is not going to make you sick (unlike what the world is dealing with right now), but it WILL hurt your pocketbook if you let it...'

Thank Judas I’ve been able to avoid big globs of snot dripping from my nose.

I’ve avoided the winter cold the past few years (knock on Ferrari bumper) by taking the right vitamins (not the store bought junk) and eating right (with some occasional detours....tacos?).

And I think that has spilled (pun intended) over in to my Social Media business and avoided the dreaded ‘influenza’.

So, What is Social Media Influenza Exactly?

It’s really very simple: It’s people who do nothing but slap their opportunity all over the wall, their business page and any Facebook group they can get their grubby little hands on.

I’ll go over to a Facebook group right now…and post an example.

Be right back…

Ok…back (that took all of 20 seconds…)


‘Who is interested in joining us in a matrix system where you can earn up to $2000 a month without ever needing to recruit a single person or sell a single product? How about if I said we had a system in place that would give you your first 2 signups, enabling you to quadruple your monthly earnings to well beyond $8000 per month? I’m hitting this hard! Link – blahblahblahblah.blah’

This seriously took 10 seconds to find.

There’s two things wrong here (yes Grasshopper, get out your crayons...):

1. Are there STILL people who believe this stuff? I mean, really?

2. Even if you do have a legit product or affiliate offer (and I highly recommend you do)…guess what?

No. One. Cares.

People see offers all day (most of them really bad).

On Social Media it’s about relationships and value. Some of you might be thinking ‘my offer is different…it’s revolutionary’.

No it’s not. And even if it’s really good…people are blind to it…and don’t give a rats ass. Until…

You build a rapport and offer up some value to them.

Social Media isn't About Selling...

Post content that helps, that gets a rise…post a question that people will answer to.

Build engagement.

You try asking them to marry you on the first date and what are they gonna think?


This is not hard to do. Engage with people and show them you’ll communicate.

Then they’ll start to open up.