Kenster's Social Media Addiction Secret Formula: Yours for the taking...

Kenster’s Social Media Addiction Secret Formula: Yours for the taking…

social media addiction - Kenneth Holland

Here’s another article comparing Social Media Addiction to cocaine. And, there are little men actually inside our phones making us do things. Want to see?

I am always amused when an article comes out warning the masses that the end of the world is coming…


World War III?

Economic armegeddon?

The banning of bacon???

No, none of those above my smart and impeccably dressed readers.

I am talking about the utter destructiveness of Social Media Addiction.

Here for your review I give you some alarming excerpts on the scourge that is Social Media Addiction brought to you by businessinsider aptly titled:

‘Silicon Valley insiders say Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter are using ‘behavioral cocaine’ to turn people into addicts’

Rather than blather on the whole article let me quote a few choice passages so you can rush to school, grab your kids’ phones and turn them in to the proper authorities:

Aza Raskin, the inventor of the infinite-scroll feature that allows you to endlessly scroll down websites, said: “It’s as if they’re taking behavioral cocaine and just sprinkling it all over your interface. And that’s the thing that keeps you like coming back and back and back.”

‘It’s as if!’…I knew it! That’s like…uh…it IS…not…uh…IF, right?? Let’s continue…

“Behind every screen on your phone, there are generally like literally a thousand engineers that have worked on this thing to try to make it maximally addicting,” he said.

See? They are ‘like’…actually IN OUR PHONES! That’s why my hands get numb when I hold it…

The former Jawbone and Mozilla executive said tech companies were testing people all the time to figure out the best way to get them addicted, for example by tinkering with the color and shape of Facebook’s “like” button.

So, they are actually testing to see what works and what doesn’t? I mean…shouldn’t people be imprisoned for testing advertising?? I mean…this has NEVER been done before! And…they are tinkering! That’s illegal in 7 states!



It’s actually offensive that someone would actually write this…but whateva.

Plus, I’ve known people close to me who have actually battled substance addiction and it’s not a pretty thing.

Here’s My Social Media Addiction Master Plan for $$ and How You Can Profit

Firstly, be careful how much time you waste on SM perusing the latest photobombed…eh…I mean ‘shopped posterior ‘angles. Your time is better spent actually marketing with it and making sales.

Let’s Take my Twitter for example: While people on the big T hurl mudballs back and forth about Trumpy, Climate Change or Kylie’s latest lip jizz I am quietly syndicating all my relevant content which then brings my readers in to my email list which then…

…you guessed it: Makes me juicy sales.

Go check it out…I have a healthy following and you can too if you follow what I do: @kennethholland

(I will dive further in to social media marketing soon, so keep your remote and TV guide handy for time/listings…)

Like anything else, too much of anything can be problematic (except bacon and right now…Shiner Bock beer).

If you spend time on Social Media, put it to work for you. Create some value and then sell some solutions to your audiences’ problems.

Simple…and works like lucky charms.

And if you don’t know where to get started with this, book a free strategy call and we’ll put you on the right path…called the yellow brick road.

Here’s the link:

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