So product deadlines are just a fake scarcity ploy, right?

So product deadlines are just a fake scarcity ploy, right?


fake-scarcitySorry to burst your bubble, take your lollipop and tell you that your favorite ice cream store burned to the ground.

Yes, Dean’s Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret deadline IS real.

Dean can’t exactly afford to send these things out forever.

Not to sound like an unfeeling bastard (which really just means I intend to sound like an unfeeling bastard…)…

If you don’t pick this up it’s no skin off my pickup truck.

It’s not like I’m making a boatload of commissions on this seeing how it’s um…

f r e e

(and by the by…if I was making a big fat commission you would still be getting high value training that would be worth every penny)

…and lest ye worry…I make good money selling other stuff that…gasp! Actually…

helps people.

Fancy that buckwheat.

Lookie here. I get emails on a regular basis from people who bitch about an offer going away:

‘You’re just one of those typical marketers telling us we better buy now or it’s gonna be gone…you’re so lame, wah wah bitch bitch snivel.’

First off, calm down…here’s a tissue and a ‘bankie.

Yes you’re PARTLY right. It IS scarcity that gets people off their derriere and gets them to ACT, which is what you ought to be doing instead of kicking tires!

And don’t forget, offers and promotions actually involve this weird thing called work, so I can’t be turning on a sale or promotion because you couldn’t be bothered to take advantage when it actually was available.

I think by now you can see I don’t BS people.

Folks see right through shit like that.

I don’t need to be a used car salesman.

This business really is very simple…

…give people value and build trust with them.

And guess what?

They will do business with you.

Sure you’ve heard that mantra many times before. You know why??

Because it works.

That’s why it’s called business…not…

‘click your way and spam people’s Facebook inbox to millions like a moron.’

Learn how to actually be a marketer.

So back to the deadline…

it’s tonight.

You have a few hours left.

Actually 11:59PM Eastern Time (U.S.).

(if you can’t see the counter below then turn your images on and you’ll see)

And again, if you think I’m pulling the sheep’s rear-end wool over your eyes then click the link after Dean’s offer expires and you’ll know I’m a man of my word.

But I wouldn’t let that happen if I were you.

And stay away from those sheep!!

Here’s the link.

(Offer Closed. Join my email group HERE for more training)

Kenneth Holland

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