Should You Use Bearspray to Repel Tire-Kickers?

Should You Use Bearspray to Repel Tire-Kickers?


Should You Use Bearspray to Repel Tire-Kickers?Never been a big camper.

I have done it…but it’s been quite a long time. Actually, my idea of camping is stocking up on some cheese and cabernet at a Ritz Carlton, then making a fort with the pillows and monogrammed robes.

(I usually have a partner when I do this…)

Hey…don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!

Now, apparently, it’s recommended you take Bearspray if you’re going to camp in the deep woods.

From Google:

Always carry bear spray so that it is readily available to you, preferably in a holster worn on a belt or pack. If you are in an area where you might easily surprise a bear, carry the bear spray in hand. If you encounter a nearby bear, remove safety clip, hold the can in two hands, and extend your arms in readiness.

I suppose you better hold that stuff in two hands when some big grizzly is staring you down.

I also recommend using Bearspray when confronted by the dreaded Tire-Kicker or Freebie-Seeker.

For the uninitiated, these two types of people do essentially the same thing: They never buy anything to further their (so-called in their case) online marketing career, they always want whatever your selling for free, and always bitch that nothing ever works…even though they’ve never tried nor committed to anything in the first place.

So when you encounter these types online (and you will), my strooonngg recommendation to you is to whip out THIS type of Bearspray:

“Oh, you want me to help you for free and give you my course? Well, the training actually went up to $997 and could keep going up based on more pathetic behavior.”

Another Bearspray tactic:

“It didn’t work? What? You didn’t actually READ the course? It’s a scam?? Hold on a second….”

*quickly pull out Bearspray…then*


*sound of phone hanging up*

This second tactic renders the Freebie-Tire-Blabber unable to communicate with you…forever. (funny how that works)

The MOST you should do with these types of people is to send them to a link my friends. DO NOT spend any time on them…because they are wasting it.


So yes, I do endorse the use of Bearspray when you’re in imminent danger from a vibe-sucking Tire-Kicker.

It’ll give you peace of mind at night…knowing that the people you’ve communicated with that day actually live in the healthy grasslands of reality.

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